New Girl Gonna Snap

Hi folks. New girl here. I typically don't do this, but here goes. I am lowering my own dosage of Zoloft right now. I have to. I am going to do something I regret. My personality has changed. Been on 25 for about 6 months. Prescribed for panic attacks and bs way to not give me ativan ( all 10 pills 1mg per month as needed). Trust me its needed. My Grandma and Recently dececed Uncle are/were on high dosages of benzos. Were all Scorpios & Angels.....really. Anyway....Stability sounds like something id like to try, but this isn't doing the trick. I don't really want to go into details now...just feel need to say hello before I read your collective insight. Thank you for opportunity and God Bless. I pray this "experiment" doesn't get publicized...but thats what I get for skipping fine print....sigh.......
sarajoschw sarajoschw
Feb 23, 2012