3 Hard Years

i have been struggling with depression for 3 longs years and maybe even before that...i am 27 i tried to commit suicide when i was 20.  I never go help for that i guess my family was in denial.  24 I was put on lexapro i didnt like it.  I am on valium now it works as needed.  i suffer from vertigo now and then.  My depression is at a 10 if put on a scale.  I am on zoloft day 3.  I pray that it works I am tired of being sad. i keep hearing about weight gain I think that will make me sadder though.  Lexapro didnt have that affect but it did make you even more emotional.  i hope this works.

sadgurl81 sadgurl81
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2 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Ugh...didn't like Lexapro either...made me shake like I had Parkinsons

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It takes time for the zoloft to work. 1 month to maybe 3 months it just depends.