There Is Always Hope

I started taking zoloft around 2000 or so when I started therapy.  I went to a place that had a full battery of doctors that included a psychiatrist.  It really helped me a great deal with the sleeping soundly and evening out my moods.

My doctor told me I wouldn't have to be on this forever but he did say there were things I needed to do before then.  I was officially diagnosed with CLINICAL DEPRESSION which basically meant it was ISSUE DRIVEN and it was.  A lot of my anger and rage was due to my repressed feelings and things I had been holding back.  it took years for me to deal with those issues and I eventually did. I still took the medication and even finished graduate school.  

Exersize has always been a part of my life since 2000 and I got addicted to cycling and endorphins.  Once I started being able to to deal with my issues, life and monitoring how I felt I could slowly start to go off the meds. 

I don't think anyone wants to be on meds forever.  Sometimes we all need some help until we can deal with it.  IT TAKES A LOT OF WORK AND NOT SOMETHING I WOULD EAGERLY RECOMMEND.  The lows are low and if you have a poor support network and are isolated it is VERY hard.

I'm always here if anyone has questions because I was on it for 10 years or more. 







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I'm not exactly sure if it means issue driven but he did say I didn't have to stay on it forever. <br />
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when they wean you off they do it slowly by reducing your med intake that way you don't have HORRID withdrawl symptoms.

thanks for your experience.........i have also been diagnosed with clinical depression..............but i never knew that it also mean 'issue driven' TRUE that is............somehow makes me feel better about it......hmmm<br />
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I've been on and off meds as well.............but before i try again.............i need to work on those ISSUES!!!!!!!!!