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I was one of the rare cases that happened. I was on Zoloft and on day 10 i crashed. When i say crashed, i mean bad. I had severe hallucinations thinking people were after me and stuff. Zoloft gave me way too much energy and i couldn't sleep which is why i think i crashed. Don't get me wrong, the medicine did make me happy like its intended to. Too happy in fact- it was like a eurphoria of happyness. Oh and during the 10 days i was on it, i got crazy ripped. I only worked out twice but they were about 3 hour workouts each. I almost had abs after this. After the workout i wouldn't even be tired. I am 17 and am not very athletic. Like i said, don't be scared off by the medicine, what happened to me was rare. I was in the hospital twice.

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Gosh, I can't believe you took it again after that,why did'nt your doc give you something different?

since then...i have found zoloft again, taken it. Power is an addictive thing. What happened...absolutely nothing. I took the amount that put me in the hospital, didn't feel a thing. Went up to 200mg after that which is 8 times what i ever took before, absolutely nothing. My body created an immunity against this drug. This was over a month ago. Can thank my body for creating an immunity or id most likely be back in the psych ward.

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It's not as rare as you think. The same thing happened to my son, who should never have been put on that medicine to begin with. He had such a bad reaction that he ended up in a psychiatric hospital. He is a wonderful person with an amazing personality. He is going through the typical transitions that most teenagers go through and recently went off to college (another exciting, but challenging transition). Sometimes I wish the medical field would just leave people alone and help them work through things instead of trying to instantly solve them through scary drugs like Zoloft. <br />
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I wish you the best! You sound like a good person.