Better! And Better!

I started singing about ten years ago, but i couldnt doit seriously because my parent wants me to study. Amaizingly  i have managed to sing in different occassions especially at my university. I was amazed on how i can move people to appreciate what i have. i also developed my writting skills where i managed to start writting a novel, to writte for the student magazine, to writte songs and poems. I beleave that i can make grait achivement if i get a chance to do vocal training because i have achieved a lot in few years with limited time.
Talent should never be wasted but developed to became a tool for making a living and inpire people. i have just finished my university degree in accountancy and finance so am hoping for more along the way. sometimes you get stuck with what you do but with hope you can make your way. i want to involve myself with things that can make contribution to the society live raising awreness, providing education on HIV  so that in that way i bring chance to the society positively.
Life is tough is challenging but i worth, take your time and show people who you real are.
My inpiration comes from Trey Songz and The Dautry

juiceroy juiceroy
Aug 12, 2010