Im Woried About Me

This may not came as a surprise to some of my friends but im having my own problems i think im honestly not sure(thats one of my problems) sometimes i will sit for hours just listening to my own mind speak to me and me speak back to it ill have a conversation with myself they tell me things i really dont want to hear also i dont know if i am a pathological liar or a person who lies and doesnt know it or whatever its called but ive realized that over the years ive lied to everybody just to stay with them girlfriends friends teachers parents random people i walk into a conversation on i tell them stories to get their pity make me seem so much more than i actually am ...and i dont know why but lately its been impossible to tell what of my lies were actually lies ...i cant tell what ive actually told people was a lie and what wasnt and it scares me cause no one actually knows the true me ...and ive apparentaly lied so much ive lost the true me as a whole i dont know who i am anymore as a person im lost . I dont know who actually knows me or who ive lied to . Honestly i dont even know if im lieing to this website right now i might be i might not be . I also apparently lied my way out of a lot of freindships im scared if i dont find a way to figure out how to stop lieing to everybody im gonna be alone in this world just me and whatever i do with myself has anybody els ever felt this way before can anybody help me ? Or am i a lost cause or should i seek professinol help or what scared and lost who can help me?
jlogan16 jlogan16
18-21, M
May 11, 2012