I'm 6'2" and a shade under 240 and rising..

I guess I come under the tall & fat category. ;-)
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I'd say around 220 - 230 my face started to really puff out a bit, around 240 I had a very distinct puffyness to my face that showed that I was getting fat...<br />
I've dropped to about 230 now but I can't wait to see how I look when I get to 240 again and then on to 250.. but as I re-gain now all the excess weight is going straight on to my already big round gut.. so instead of being 48 inches at 240 lbs I'm expecting that I'll be closer to 50 inches at 240 lbs, and probably much higher by 250, which doesn't bother me now as much as I thought it would, I'm kind of hoping for 50 to 55 inches around my equator!! and well to attain 250 lbs would be a great start! :-)

Awesome! I'm aiming for 225 by the new year.

In that case you should definitely start to see some changes soon.. :-)
Good luck on that, just remember that gaining slower makes it stick instead of having a yo-yo weight...

Up to 212. Chest is getting softer, neck thicker, arms bigger. Can't fit 32s anymore! Face is looking same... For now!

Took longer than expected, but I'm finally at 225! You were right face has started to fill in. I think my neck is thicker too!

Definitely sounds good... keep it up.. oh yeah, the neck will get thicker along with it all :-)

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I'm 6'2 as well, I'm at 207. I've been waiting for my face to get fuller. Nothing yet... Around what weight range should I expect it?

Yeah, I'd say so.