I Hate It !

i really, really, really hate being tall. i'm 5'10", and whenever i meet someone new they say "wow! you're really tall!". it gets on my nerves because i want to be noticed for something else besides my height.

justanothergirl14 justanothergirl14
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

im 13 and 5'11'' .. so i know what you mean about the comments .. im not saying this works out for everybody but like you said i wanted to be noticed for something else besides my height work at something you're really good at and you will be noticed for it ...and like knb53 said lots of people will look up to you to be the leader i guess my path was sports just try and see what works for you ... best of wishes:))

Wait awhile. Being tall goes from being a negative to a positive very quickly. Most try to blend in rather than stand out, being tall you will be looked at as a leader automatically. So suck it up stand straight and revel in it!