Just Another Tall Girl

I'm 6'2 and I grew mostly in Elementary and Jr High which I have to say sucked the big one! Esspecially when your a girl and your taller then all the other students in the stupid school, including a good number of the teachers.... Personally I never really hated my height, unless I was looking for a good pair of pants or when having to wear heels....

But the only thing I ever really hated and still do to this day is when people say "you should be a basketball player" or "Hows the air up there" or when people use to call me stupid names like Jolly Green Giant or Big Bird... 
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Ask yourself the question!<br />
R u a basketball pla<x>yer.. or better yet.. R u proud of your symbolic gift?<br />
<br />
Its the same question LOL!! just slightly different.<br />
<br />
Big Bird.. YOU MAKE KIDS HAPPY<br />
Jolly green giant .. YOU ARE HEALTHY <br />
... ok from a playful point of view, she-hulk: tall, slim-athletic mid 20s and sexy. There shouldnt be a man alive that hates her! and if he did.. he has mental issues.<br />
<br />
Anyway.<br />
Women wear heels to look taller right?<br />
erm.. hello?.. u are tall.. u dont need to fake your height.<br />
a woman in heels is like shouting " I ENVY YOU BUT DONT WANT TO ADMIT IT!"<br />
<br />
If im wrong i'll shut up but i doubt i am as ive seen some DAMN HIGH HEELS!! hehe<br />
<br />
like the dude above me says " men love tall girls" - Fact!! <br />
Hope that helped :D

Honey , if you only realized how much we men love tall girls you would be amaized.

atleast no one calls you little boy when they approach you from behind and when you turn around their younger then you i'm a guy and i'm like 4'4 barefoot and i'm not a midget i'm short i've been called lil boy and i turn around and i look up to a tall girl that is younger then me and then they like to pick me up because i'm so much smaller. i guess i would look like a lil boy if i was standing next to you since Ur 6'2 and i'm 4'4 i guess U would to pick me up and hold me too huh? my name is Bob :)

tall girls are the best :) i am not as tall as u but many people ask if i play b-ball and i know what u mean. don't worry i love my height and people that aren't tall are just jealous of us.