Still Growing...

I'm considered very tall for my age. I'm over 175cm (which is about 5' 8"), in my mid-teens and still growing. I wake up some mornings and people tell me its like I've grown 2 inches overnight. I used to feel very self-concious about my height (i was nearly 160 by the time i was in 6th grade). The first thing people would notice about me was 'wow, you're tall'. Every single time. All my friends are much shorter than me, most of them by nearly a foot. I apparently take my tallness from my father, who is just under 6 feet at 5' 11". It has caused problems, particularly in the last few years, being so much taller than all my peers, but now its much easier to deal with. It was always more of a comparative thing, being so much taller then most other people my age.

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tall guys, so i don't feel so weird.. unfortunately, a lot of the guys i think are hot are shorter than me!<br />
i don't think there's anything wrong with dating a shorter guy ,and i am not opposed to it, but i'm quite a self-conscious human being, and would rather be shorter than the guy.

elbando and punanimc, since you are both tall, do you prefer to date tall guys, or guys who are shorter then you are?

i know what you mean- it can get really awkward. i'm 17 and somewhere near 5' 9" and for some reason, i hate it.<br />
<br />
and @suicidalangel- i know EXACTLY what you mean about the modelling thing. people assume just because we're tall that we want to be models. most of us actually DON'T! it's really irritating!!

exactly. as if we didnt notice our own height :/

I know exactly how you feel i am the same way... The most painful thing was to here "Your so tall!" by every person.. They act like we dont realize we're tall. Im still self-conscious about it i wish i wasn't but i just cant help it. Ohh and the one thing i hate the most is "You could be a model cause your tall" that seems to rlly **** me off >.<