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Being tall is hard. I'll day it up front. I sound like I'm complaining and I guess I kind of am. It's not so bad now that the boys my age are starting to catch up to me and get a little taller but middle school was impossible!


My first boyfriend was three inches shorter then me and I guess there's really nothing wrong with that. I didn't have a problem with that but he did. All the guys that I've ever liked that were shorter than me had a problem with my height. Sometimes I wish I were 5'5" instead of 5'11".

Don't get me wrong I love my body and wouldn't trade it for the world. I read an article in 17 magazine that was called the body peace project or something like that and I know it wasn't but I felt like it was written just to me! It said to look in the mirror first thing every morning and say something that I like about my body. It was supposed to be different every day and when I ran out of things I liked I was supposed to look at the things that I hate about myself and say what I needed it for.

This article changed my life. I'm still a little uncomfortable when I'm the tallest person in a room but other than that I am so much more comfortable in my own skin than I used to be. I recently joined a volleyball club and it's full of tall girls which I love! It's so great to be around people that I have an unspoken bond with since they had to have the same problems as me. I stopped throwing up after meals and I feel great about myself.

I have been seing a boy that's 5 inches taller than me and he's great. He doesn't care that I'm taller then all the other girls he's ever been with.

I guess that's all for now. I erally hope that another tall girl will read this and become more comfortable with herself as well

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Lucky you I'm only 5'7" :/

i am 20 yrs old MAN and 150 cm !!! .. i can't reach stuffs on the shelves ,and the swimming is really hard cuz' my feet cant reach the ground and the water covers me completely !EMBARRASSING when a girl stand next to me LOOOOL , my sister who is 15 yrs old and 179 cm is taller than me ..sometimes i find it hard to drive a car while my sister can drive it easily cuz' of her sxy legs top of my head reaches her chest !!! she beats me in everything like swimming , basketball , getting stuffs on the shelves, riding a bicycle and sometimes when we go to a restaurant i can't reach the ordering windows while she can . VERY EMBARRASSING. she looks at me like i am 8 yrs old kid . i think i will be like a small child to her soon !!

Wow i feel small here i'm a guy i am 1 7 and i stand 4'4" barefoot but i wear boots with 3" heels so i am taller

WOW!!! No offence but you are REALLY small. I'm 5'11" and a girl. But height shouldn't matter, it's the person inside that counts. So who cares who is tall and who is short. IT DOES NOT MATTER. :)

Well I felt tall compared to lilcowboy until I read MareaDeLua's comment and I'm back to feeling short at 5'7" :P

Be proud of who you are. Confidence is a very attractive feature. It is who you are on the inside, not how tall you are, that really matters.

I tallish,alot of the girls in my classes are short so being around alot of shorter girls is kinda annoying tho no offense to them.<br />
You may be tall but you are probably beautiful,some girls can work being tall-who knows maybe be a model!<br />
I have a friend whose 5'11 she don't like it but My sister is 5'11 ish and she gets plenty of looks from men and she feels better about being tall xxxso there lol<br />
i'm like 5'6-7

I think that tall women are sexy. they automatically have stature, bearing and presence. enjoy your gifts.<br />
<br />

I'm also 5'11 but have only recently within the last four years or so started to feel good about my height. I brought back the high heels, a short female friend of mine was accepting instead of jealous, I started to meet a couple of other tall women who were finally understanding instead of dismissive (it's strange how something in common can exclude if one feels negative about it) and I can totally see having a boyfriend who likes tall women would help. My boyfriend is also taller than me and accepts me as I am. <br />
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Kinda off topic I guess, but I was wondering would an individual have to have played volleyball since grade school to at least be decent and play on a team?

Hi,<br />
I can assure you that when you're older in the bigger world you will meet men who think it's WONDERFUL that you're so tall. I'm about 6'5" and although old and married now would have been thrilled to have a tall girlfriend when I was single.<br />
My Daughter, also 5'11" and going through Middle School, has that same worry of being different.

I think thats great that you've found someone, I'm really glad. I liked your story a lot it was really honest, and I'm glad to feel that other people are honest about the distress their height might cause them. Everyone always says...oh its wonderful to be tall. But they are the first ones to point out and chuckle that you are different. Take care of yourself, and say hi to your guy friend from me. <br />
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I am a 5'6 guy, and I adore (very) tall woman as a friend. In MY experiences, it is allways just the woman themselves who are afraid of "looking" out of position, then, as they are concerned about stupid social taboos regarding "men & woman".<br />
Is it really TRUE that your shorter partners had a problem with your height?? Or was it just YOU who projected this taboo on THEM ??? Any shorter guy who can see you the very first time, is aware that you are taller, so, IF he loves you first, then why having a problem afterwards ??? There is no logic to that!<br />
I am damned furious about the VERY FIRST WOMANS QUESTION EVER: how tall are you? Make a wish list of some 20 most wanted qualities you seek in a boy, find the one who is having them all 20 (=perfect boy!!??), and then you women ask: "but, how tall are you?" => shorter??? OH, sorry: you just go to the trashcan with your 20 matching qualities, I'll take the guy wich has only 5 or less of them, but is taller, so that I don't look "stupid" on the street..........<br />
<br />
So THIS is the whole story, laying behind the taller girl versus shorter guy thing. Social control, taboo. And WOMAN are a 100 times more concerned about that stupidity than MEN...