I Am Tall For a Girl

I am tall for a girl. 5'9' .I do see other taller girls but not that many. A lot of guys are still taller than me. The thing is is that I weigh 125 lb. I am happy with my body but I have a really bad problem finding clothes. I shop online at Gap and Eddie Bauer because they have tall sizes. I am really fed up with the lack of choices.
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4 Responses Jan 21, 2008

Lucky you lol I'm a guy and only 5'7"

The price IS another thing that bothers me. All of the special sizes are more expensive and they make less colors, so less selection.But ,yeah, it could be worse. The way my life is currently, clothing is one of my most minor issues.

ME TOO!! I am 5'9" and normally weigh 125lbs (I say normally because Im 5mo preggo and weigh 142 now). I got soo happy when I read that about you. I hate shopping for jeans but usually shop at Abercrombie and Fitch or Express (which costs more than the $30 my friends get to spend on a good pair of jeans!) I usually end up in a 0long or 2long which is unusually hard to find! I hate long sleeves because they are never long enough for me unless I get an unflattering size too big. But HEY! It could be worse....

I can only wear the tall sizes. My stomach starts showing and the tops only go halfway down my arm. It looks ridiculous. I am not super tall but for some reasonmy arms and legs are longer than other people my height. (I have checked)