Am I Freakishly Tall?

i'm a girl. i'm 16. 17 next year. i guess i'm about 5'5 or 5'6. i've been bullied because of my height n looks. it sucks.. i dont cut myself but i always cried so hard  every night n had intention to commit suicide.. 
in my country, i am like a gorilla when i'm standing next to them midgets. ==' 

my so-called friends make fun of me,.. all guys snickering when they saw me.. i really wanna punch em on their ******* face..
i dont care what others think of me.. but their snickering n giggling cant keep me off my mind

 after primary high school, i moved to another school, MA. the school is well-known and  amazed bcuz of it's good grades and discipline n religious. but the truth is, the school is not so well discipline. they always teased me. my mom asked me to move to a nearer school because the distance is too far from my home to ma. plus, my family have a problem with my aunt that i used to spend every week in her house; every weekend, my dad will pick me up from there.  and the nearer school is, let say, SM.

SM is known for its bad discipline and badass students.. but good grades. at that school too, my neighbour is in the school.he is in the same school with me in primary highschool.  he used to be a quite student. but since he moved to SM, he has soooo may friends and joyful in SM.he and i always being compared.
 if i moved to SM, i'm afraid i will become the victim of bullying again..  
pleeaaasseee help mee! i would appreciate it so much!
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its really ok

when I was in the 6th grade I was 5'5 so there is nothing to worry about

Wow that is sad. But that's not freakishly tall. I was 5'10'' when I was 16, and I'm still that tall now, as an adult.

hope you love your height and embrace it :)

I do.

Dont worry. you're really not that tall. I mean you are taller that average but not that tall. i am 14 and 5ft 11in. i'm always singled out because im taller than most boys but the only way to prevent bullying is to love your height. Stand your full height and hold your head high. if your really so much taller than everyone else then be confident and intimidate them. ever since i started doing that, no one even trys to annoy me. its really funny watching short people acting all big and tough. whenever someone bullies you, look down at them and laugh to yourself.

They are just jealous little (very little) insignificant people. Those that matter don't mind, those that mind don't matter. :)

i love you. lol. thank u very much!! i appreciate ur comments! i'll try doing that. great to hear that you've been more confident with your height. i'm sure there r guys who likes you with your great personality! :D:D:D
n dr.seuss!

They are just jealous. Im 5 feet 2 inches. I'm jealous of your height, but I sure as hell would NOT make fun of you!

glad to hear it n thanks! we're supposed to respect each other. :)

Actually thats about average and trust me that is no where near tall, at my school you would be normal. Tall? Well one girl i know is 6'2 and she doesnt get any, negative, attention for it.

Im sorry you feel this way.

really? maybe she got the looks.
and thank you :)

Shes no pretty than yourself :P But dont sell yourself short is all im saying, ok?

hahha no way. i dont look like the person in my profile pic. lol. anyway thank you so much. :D

Im just saying im sure you arent as you think yourself. And of course :P

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No way! You would be average here. I am so sorry you are bullied.

it's just that shorties here seems like it's a big deal! thank you :)

Wow, those kids are not very nice! Welcomes. :)

yes they arent. they're just bags of douches.

Haha, definitely!!

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Im 15 and 5'10. I would KILL to be your height! Thats always been my ideal height. Shorter girls should date guys who are also short. I saw a girl who was about a foot and a half shorter than her boyfriend. NO. FAIR! Save the taller guys for taller women! Gimme a break, blondy. I wanted to crush her skull...

hey you must have something with urself that will make u attractive. you should see it as a trait or something that others dont have!
OMG YES THEY SHOULD. we got the same idea. i wish i could scream right to those short girls' ears to wake up from their dreams!! i've had enough. yeah save the taller guys for us!! i felt like i wanna slap a friend of mine (uhhuh, she's very short) when she bitchy talked "i love that guy! he got the looks n he's very tall! i love tall guys!", n i was like "for god sake, u should date a guy with ur same height.stop bitching around acting cute n all". ugh. short girls nowadays tend to date tall guys, right? when i passed by any tall guys, i'll always think "nah. i dont have the chance. it would be weird if he likes me. maybe he's more attracted to my short friends."
you're beautiful just the way you are.find a guy with your same height or taller than you. walk on the streets like you n your couple own the world, like two gorgeous models! no sweat, please go crush my friends' skulls too. lol.

I don't know the average height there but I am 5'7 and I don't consider myself tall. If I were you I would tell them to **** off. They are stupid. I was bullied in school too and it bothered me then but now I look back and they are all losers now. Kids can be so cruel. I shouldn't give you bad advice so I will just say that I would knock them the **** out if they made a comment. A nice elbow to the face.

hahha! if only, if only. you was bullied? sorry to hear that. lol what a relief to know they r losers. boo em! actually, i'm asian. n the average height here is 5'2. so i'm like a giant for em. you're 5'7? as i know the average height in ur country is 5'4 right? you're cool. thank you for commenting. xD

My height doesn't bother me and if someone doesn't like it I will tell them to **** off. You seem like a really cool chick and I don't want you taking **** from anybody! I don't want to have to come over there and show them a real gorilla!

hahhahhah!! you're right! bring em the blackest one :p

One thing about being tall, people always have to look up to you!<br />
I was 5'6" at age 12 and never grew an inch after that, at least you didn't have a beard at 15 (or did you!?). Try not to be too focused on appearances though, you might miss out on a great friendship if you are only looking at the outside.

beard? HAHHAHHAH! i'm female! aww thank you! i'll try :D

Where In the world are you from? Lol!! Maybe china? Idk... But I live In sc and I'm 5'9. Ive honestly never been made fun of for my height. I've received a lot of compliments. Long legs are a good trait and supermodels are at least 5'9 or so. If they were freaks... They wouldn't be models.

hahhahhah. mlaysia here. yep, i know. hahha. wow really?? that's because you're hot. you're right.. :'))) thank you so much!

Me too I'm 13 yrs old and I'm 6'9 and my dad is almost 7' i know he's tall and i think my height is hereditary... btw in school people always call me Yao because I'm tall because they say that I'm Yao Ming and i laugh too you know... and the MVP of our varsity team is 6'1 i think and when we pass each other he always compare his height so as the other tall students.<br />
<br />
Anyways I'm doubting my height. My friends are like 5'9 and I'm the odd man out when we walk together. All I need to know is that if this height is ok for a 13 yr old boy. The doctors says that it's no abnormality and I just picked it up from my father.

Me too I'm 13 yrs old and I'm 6'9 and my dad is almost 7' i know he's tall and i think my height is hereditary... btw in school people always call me Yao because I'm tall because they say that I'm Yao Ming and i laugh too you know... and the MVP of our varsity team is 6'1 i think and when we pass each other he always compare his height so as the other tall students.<br />
<br />
Anyways I'm doubting my height. My friends are like 5'9 and I'm the odd man out when we walk together. All I need to know is that if this height is ok for a 13 yr old boy. The doctors says that it's no abnormality and I just picked it up from my father.

if u're livin in us or uk, that's normal.are u chinese? the doctor's right. hey it's not so biggie for a guy to be tall, than being a midget. there's this guy i know, he's 12. but he's already 6'. now he's in high school n ppl found that normal,n more guys are taller than him n same height.short guys are juz jealous with tall one.n most girls found tall guys are hotter than short one. tall guys are gorgeous! dont think so bad with yourself. there are others with heights over 230 cm. i found on internet. so you're lucky. always keep up in mind you're normal. :)

Nah I'm from Phillippines and thank you for replying


ryobunkdie,<br />
You are NOT freakishly tall I assure you! I am 6'1 and very proud of it. My height has worked quite well for me. Being a teenager is just hard! If it wasn't your height it would be something else. I was called Amazon by other kids and my own family. Your height was just the easiest thing they could see that had an effect on you. If you didn't react to it then they would have moved on to something else. Pay attention and you will see and hear that they tease other kids about different things around you. You do need to own your body and be proud of it. You are not going to wake up short one day because you are not happy. The only way that will happen is if you move to a place where 5'5 is actually short (US). Sooooo many women come up to me and tell me they wish they were tall like me. Everybody wishes they were the opposite of what they are! You need to accept yourself. The sooner you do that the sooner the bullying will stop because they will no longer have any impact. You won't care if they call you names for being tall because you don't care about being tall! Make sense? You have the power to fix this! Good Luck and let us know how it goes!

ahh thank you soo much!! hahha i wish i can go to US. yep, always, everyone want the opposite.never think it's enough. :)
totally make sense! thank you, thank you, n thank you again!! :')))

U actually rnt that tall. Im only 12 and im 5'8. So i kno exactly what it feels like to be bullied ba<x>sed on what u look like

sorry to hear that..yeah same here.. cheer up! ignore em idiot midgets! believe me,there are others jealous with your're still they may wondering of ur height. but in high school, you'll find more kids with the same height like you, maybe taller than you, but they proud to be who they are.they used it as their advantages. :) well i'm talking to myself too..
talk to me if you're in need :)

Thanx :)


Your not even very tall. I live in California and im 5'8 and I love it. All my friends are around 5'5 and under 5'5 around here is considered short! And im talking about girls here ahha

good for ya then. hahha really? at here, i'm gigantically tall! :3

california gurls~ beautiful.. ^^

Don't worry, that's not that bad. I know a girl who's 13 and she's 5'7" and still growing. <br />
Don't let people get to you. No one has the right to say things like that. EVER. Just think, if they're that mean, do you really want them to like you?<br />
I know it's hard. Trust me, I've been there. But try to find something that you like about yourself and go with that. And honestly? ...If you wanna punch them, then do it. Best feeling of your life. I'm not the best influence though ;) may want to forget I just said that.

at the age 13? hope she doesn't low confidence with herself.. :((
n thank you so much!!
something i like about myself? erm....... nothing. oh i know one. :D ok! thank you so much 4 ur advices! :3
yeah no one has the right to humiliate others!! hahhah i'm gonna punch em right now.
hope you can forget it too. you've survived it. you're great. :))

No... she's one of the most confident people I know. Granted, she's still a kid, but I really respect her. And she towers over me... o_O

hahha. good for her then. :3

My advice is to act like the comments don't bother you. Laugh with them and I PROMISE you they will stop making fun of you. And btw, 5'5" is average height if not shorter than average where I live. I barely know any girls in my school less than that. There are tons of girls in my grade that are over 5'8". You are not freakishly tall or even close to it in my opinion. :)<br />
Ps: I'm 5'7" and am constantly getting made fun of for being short. I think they're probably just messing with you so don't worry about it. Ok? :)

thank you so much!! ok! you're great!, you dont give a damn with em. :DDDD

Jerry's comments are very true. If you walk, shoulders back, head held high, gives the impression you are a confident person. I'm 6' 3" and have been since I was 16. I used my height to MY advantage. Best of luck! xo

thank you so much!! really? you're great! thanx! :DD

my sister is 5-11 shes no gorilla...<br />
as for your school being a christian one... that just makes em extra mean (make no mistake about that.)

:) tq

i take time to reply.. bcuz i keep crying when i see your comment. huhu<br />
thaaannnnnnnnnkkkkkkksss a looottt!!! :') you really make my day~ thank you so much.. thank god i hold myself to my story in here.. you helped a lot! again, thank you soo much!! :'D<br />
btw "My body language still gave away a lot, people knew they were getting to me even if I didn't say anything." what do you mean? i'm sorry, i tried so hard but seems cant understand it. :((<br />
you're gorgeous. :D why the hell they would bully you. mybe they're juz jealous of you. why dont guys be as nice like you??! you're gorgeous n kind!!~ kyaaa!~ lol<br />
waaaaaaa i'm cryinngg thank you soo muchh!! i will keep in mind what you said :')))))

Aww! You're welcome. I'm glad I made your day. :) Body language is visual cues that you give to other people.

For example, if your arms are crossed, that means you're defensive and withholding. Or if you walk down the hallway staring at the ground with your shoulders forward, it means you don't feel too great about yourself.

Look at people who act really confident and how they move. The tend to look up, look people in the eye, have their shoulders back, and don't cross their arms or curl up when they sit.

And I was picked on when I was 16 'cause I was a total nerd. Big glasses, computers (back when very few people had computres), poor social skills and the whole mess. I grew out of it :)

You're not a freak. You're just tall, and lots of people are tall. And there's nothing wrong with that. Keep in mind that supermodels are usually north of 5'10. There's nothing wrong with your height and you're fine the way you are. <br />
<br />
Keep in mind that everyone around your age is struggling with insecurity issues. And when other teens think they have power over you, they'll exploit that mercilessly. I was bullied pretty badly in high school and the lesson everyone kept telling me was to ignore them and they'll go away. That's only half-true. My body language still gave away a lot, people knew they were getting to me even if I didn't say anything.<br />
<br />
If you're going to a new school, use this to your advantage because it gives you a chance to make a new impression. Don't hunch your shoulders or shrink down - walk with your chin up and look confident. People may try to poke fun at you a bit, but laugh with them. They give you nicknames, take them and use them - if you let them hurt you then they've won. So you're tall. So what? They're short. Use your height to your advantage. If you're athletic (I never was, but hey) join up with basketball or volleyball, coaches are dying for girls your height. <br />
<br />
To repeat myself, you're just fine the way you are. The problem is that teens are cruel and have insecurity issues. So you're surrounded by short, insecure people who gang up up on you so they can feel as tall as you. If you can find that confidence and laugh it off, they lose their reason to bully you. <br />
<br />
Best of luck!