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Too Tall

I am way too tall lol I like it sometimes but most of the time it can be a pain. I am 6'4" and I think im still growing. I hit my head on everything!! tree branches, doors, tv's,.... I feel like a giant when i am with my friends because most of them are about 5'3". It is hard finding clothes that fit me just right and sometimes shoes. It did however come in handy when I was in track. I ran a 5:10 mile and I jumped 18 feet in the long jump. Also I can see over a lot of peoples heads in a big crowd.
jakemckenze jakemckenze 18-21, M 5 Responses Feb 2, 2012

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I love tall guys! =)

my 16yr old frnd is 6.6 !!!

Jake Being That Tall Isn't Bad Girls Find Tall Guys Attractive And On The Other Hand It Sure Beats Being 5'4 And Always Being Like 3rd Or 4th To Shortest We Short People Get Picked On For Being Short All Though I Have To Admit Is Easier In Some Situations But Where I'm Getting At Is You're Not Too Tall I'd Be Happy To Find Someone As Tall As You Whenever I'm Ready For A Relationship!!((:

i was a model as a kid when i was short, how funny.

Its not that bad, you can be basketball pla<x>yer or model :)