I never really thought about it.  I came from tall parents and my grandfathers had been tall men.

I'm 5' 11" and many consider that to be very tall.  I just consider it to be the height God made me.

I like wearing flat shoes and I don't have the need to wear heels though when I go out (for dinner) I do wear them.

My husband is also tall 6' 5" so it isn't a problem if I wear heels.
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You look great in heels WSA but you work out all the time so you always look great.

Wow, and I thought i was tall (5'8) I still feel odd wearing heels though

I know what you mean. I've always been tall so I never saw the need to wear them. I do wear them for went my sweetie and I go out to some place fancy. Other than that, I really don't care to wear them.

Yes, you are mighty tall. I consider myself tall for a woman as I am 5'9" and I still enjoy wearing heels so I am over 6' in them. I love the fact that I am taller than most women because I feel it makes me unique.

I like how you phrased that "I feel it makes me unique." Fungirllmmm, you are unique with or without heels. ;-)

Awww thanks WSA. So are you. . . . You have a unique compassion that is unsurpassed in this place.

I love that you are tall. It doesn't matter if you have heels on or not. It is easier for me to kiss you because you are tall.

You are quite tall and your husband is really tall. As I am 6' 2" I do have a problem with heels.