I find that I don't quite mind being tall any more. It use to bother me like no other, and at times it can be a, annoying. I'm 5'9. And have been for the past two years, so I believe it is safe to say that I probably wont be growing any more. I was never picked on about my height, which I am thankful for, but I have always been known as 'that tall girl'. I only know one other girl who is taller than me, and she is 6ft. I'll admit though, I wish I was shorter. All my friends are shorter than me, and lets be honest, There aren't many guys in my school who want to go out with a taller girl haha. But I've learned to accept my height, and now I can't really see me any other way. :)
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Lucky you, I'm only 5'7" :P

guys your age take a while to grow when in high school. but they will catch up to your height and over take you. so you will find a nice tall guy to date :)

Still not taller then me :P

Wow, You all just ade my day. I am 5 '9 and i hate it! but maybe it isnt really so bad...

Dang I'm only 5'7" lol

How many short super models can you name?.....That's what I thought! lol. Tall is beautiful in our society.<br />
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Be proud to be tall, you'll find you get a lot of attention from men once you're in college, or out of high school.

Hi, don`t be sad. I believe you are a beautiful girl. I´m high too. When I was in high school, many guys laughed on my height. Don`t worry about that, you have to be a beautiful girl. You can do something with yourself, for example to do with your hair or lose weight. I know its hard, but if you want to stop them, you should change.<br />
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Good luck for you.