Too Tall...

I am 5'11 almost 6 ft and I never really had an issue with my height. I played basketball so being tall was glorified, i was proud of my height but being a girl who is taller than average doesnt really help wanting to be normal or average. I tried out for our schools musical recently and performed above the rest (told by the casting director) i was in the top choices for the female lead but only to be disappointed when the role was given to someone else who didnt perform as well as i had. The only reason i didnt get the part was because i was too i am self consious about my height and feel awkward and uncomfortable around everyone. I am depressed and sad because i was the best performer, worked extremely hard, and still did not get the part because of my height. I just am wondering why am i so tall and will we ever be treated equally when people can put our height behind them?
wvfarmgirl94 wvfarmgirl94
Feb 24, 2012