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I Feel Very Self-concious of My Height

Hello, I am fairly tall.  About 6'3 feet.   And it causes me a lot of distress.   I think in general because I had bad experiences in my youth, in any way being physically different from the general crowd causes distress. 

I have often obsessed about being tall and the low self esteem it causes, and it reallly has caused me a lot of depression.    Depression has occurred often in my family so I would probably be depressed about one thing or another.   However, for whatever reason my height self esteem issue really feeds a social anxiety and I feel helpless against it.  

Most people seem to laugh at me and say 'lighten up.'   But I feel like a giant freak all the time.  If someone makes a friendly joke about my height, I am crushed.  

I have a beautiful wife, and we have a great relationship.   I feel fairly confident in my job at a local grocery store.   But the distressing issue of the way I perceive myself seems to constantly distress me.  

I am wonderring how many other people might feel this way.   I have been diagnosed with depression, but I some times wonder if I have OCD or something. 

Take care everyone, and please remember we are all precious...and thanks all for creating/participating in this forum.


megiraffe79 megiraffe79 36-40, M 97 Responses May 1, 2008

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6'3" isn't that tall for a man around here. It's tall, but not extreme.

I am 6'2'' and i feel confident as i rise over the crowd.

Most people probably envy you a great deal!

I have alot of issues with my height im 6'1 an for a girl it really sucks I have been this tall since middle school so I understand how you feel I was always the one that stands out an I have always hated it.

Man your wife loves you . Why do you care what people think ?<br />
Don't put your self in situation that you are not ( like depression I mean )

Tall men are sexy to me since i am 6ft. I have only dated 1 guy taller than me and during my time with him i was in heaven. i love being with men that are taller than me. (my brother is 6' 7)

Not to be insensitive, but you're a 6'3'' guy. That's well within desired height for a grown American male. In fact, it is the desired height of an NFL quarterback. Next time, you think that you are a giant, just think and feel like an NFL QB, a man that is respected and lauded enough to be handed the keys to the team! Also, sure beats being my height, I'm a guy too, and I'm 5'3''. Don't feel down, stand up straight, and people just won't be able to help, but admire your commanding presence.

Tall men are hot. Thats all I've got to say. :P

Wow, I guess I'm small-minded, but i never thought guys had a complex about this... All I know is I'm another short girl who LOVES tall guys. My first love was about 6'2"... :) Your wife is very lucky lol <br />
<br />
I guess this doesn't really change how you feel about yourself though, which is of the utmost importance. But all I can say is, remember that you have a beautiful wife who loves you, and I'm sure family and friends who do too. So please try not to feel insecure. Things could be worse, who could be horribly ugly or something... -- i have to remember this for myself too, although i don't have a man who loves me :(<br />
<br />
Good luck megiraffe79! Remember that women like tall guys! :)

WE-XIST INC knows all to well waht you are going through. Hope to see you at the TALL GIRLS Convention 4.14.2012 Fort Lauderdale FL

oh man, i wish i was that tall, you have a boon please enjoy it brother

hey i am also 6'3 but lot girls admire me for that and I love it....only reason why i get serious is my dude i think you just need to find the right balance....gud luck

Oh darlin, don't you know most women love a tall drink of water?? Celebrate your height! My husband is also a tall man and I think it is incredibly sexy. At least you can reach things!

May dads 6.3 grandfather 6.2(< --these two on mothers side-->) great grandfather 6.7 and I'm 6.8(I had horrid stress issues when I was in school) so trust me it's not so bad. And no I don't play Bball!

May dads 6.3 grandfather 6.2(< --these two on mothers side-->) great grandfather 6.7 and I'm 6.8(I had horrid stress issues when I was in school) so trust me it's not so bad. And no I don't play Bball!

Aw :(<br />
<br />
Sweetheart, I just left a relationship with a man who was 6'3" tall. I am 5'4". I absolutely adored his height... I found wonderfully masculine. Many women prefer tall men, and many men wish they were taller. I know lots of men taller than you, and I assure you, there is nothing wrong with any man's height (at least in my book!) whether he is 5'4" or 7'4" tall. I wish you well :)

6'3 really isn't overly tall for a man---it is seen as very attractive, get out there and know it !!! <br />
I am not sure where you are living but any where from 6'1-6'5 is a really really good thing .<br />
<br />
If someone told you it was not ,they have some really serious problems.<br />
<br />
I am tall , but 5'10 was not uncommon for many other girls who I went to school with -- I have run into so many short women who have found out that models are tall 5 10 5'11 and over and now they need to tell me how bad I need to feel about myself -Where is that coming from

I cannot believe that being 6'3 is a problem. It is really very strange for someone to have a self esteem problem for being too tall. Once you get past 6'10 you can have practical problems -like not being able to drive a japanese car or having to buy a special (ie more expensive) matress but before you get theer, the benefits outweigh the inconvenice

Just Roll with it bro i am, 6' 2' and almost 300 lbs i can't hide and when i was young i was self conscience ,but we can't hide i know ,we stick out all the time but once you have done a little extra in your life , schooling , trade etc people will see you for more than just the big guy... Plus we have more natural authority being bigger people often look to us and once you feel comfortable you can use this to your benefit when getting thinks done or even helping people:) Long term its good man just consecrate on rest of your life and enjoy :)

Hi Me! I found your story VERY interesting! I would have never thought a man would be "bothered" by being tall. I guess I just assumed that a tall man was a good thing? I hope you can work through this and end up feeling confident with yourself and content in who you are.<br />
I am sorry that ppl tell you to "lighten up". PPl do that when they don't understand or can't relate :(<br />
I am sure the ppl here will try to help you in your journey; from the responses, it looks like they already are/have.<br />
Good luck, take care.

Being tall does not cause depression. The two tall men I know, one slightly over 6'3" and the other one 6:9" are both pleased with their height, so don't blame your depression on your height. I suggest you seek counseling and I wish you the best in resolving your depression.

As a woman, I am particuarly tall at 6 foot. And I find certain things finding trousers long enough! But when it comes to men, nobody under 6'1 even features on my radar...apparently because women like to feel 'protected' and a tall man instantly gives us that impression. My boyfriend is 6'4 and its brilliant, I can actually wear heels and still feel normal. My brother is 6'6" and is a babe magnet. I wouldn't worry in the slightest, its a great thing to be. Just take advantage of it.

why wold you be self-concious as a tall GUY??? i'm 6 foot four and i'm a 10 yr old girl and i'm not ver self-concious. and when you're a girl, you're not menat to be tall. you are supposed to be small and pettite. men are supposed to be tall. be proud!!!!

man, I love tall men. I have this teacher 6'4 and when he walks the hallways, its not hard to see him.<br />
Im fairly tall, 5'8, the adverage woman is 5'6. I wish i was 5'11. Be proud of your height. I usually wear heels to be even taller (5'9-5'10)

Haha...i hear ya. Living in southern Italy made me feel like a giant (i was 6'4" 220 in 1984) and EVERYBODY assumed i was a basketball pla<x>yer. I am NOT a fan of basketball, nor even liked playing. And just try to find a pair of size 14 shoes there...other than a military PX.<br />
<br />
My wife is 5'3"...she calls me "Mile-High"...for a reason, hehe.<br />
<br />
Love being tall!

I'm 6'3" too! <br />
<br />
You should revel in your good fortune to be so tall. <br />
Tall guys earn more respect, tall guys are more likely to get promoted, tall people can reach that item on the top shelf, tall people can paint the ceining without having to go find a step ladder. I can find my wife easily in a crowded store, I find women smile at me in the street (in a good way!), people tend not to pick fights with me in bars, the list is endless.<br />
<br />
Life is great being tall. By comparison short men are less trusted, always appear to be on an ego-trip, receive less admiring glances, appear to have 'something to prove'.<br />
<br />
Enjoy being tall.

I'm taller than all the girls in my family i'm 5'6 the tallest one after me is 5'5. But my guy cousins are 6'5 to 6'7. I love tall men they just don't like me because I'm to short :[ *cries*

If it makes you feel any better, I've been turned down by alot of women I asked out because I wasn't tall enough for them. I am 5'8".

look i' 6'5 and women dig tall guys...i never had a shortage of women just sometimes we dont fit in certain places...

6 foot 3? And you're a guy?? NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. PERIOD! I simply cannot believe you are in borderline depression about this. There must be something else going on in your life, like an inability to connect with women, or a bad boss, or a boring job.<br />
<br />
To be as tall as you are and be a woman is another cup of tea entirely. Tall women need our help and sympathy.