I Feel Very Self-concious of My Height

Hello, I am fairly tall.  About 6'3 feet.   And it causes me a lot of distress.   I think in general because I had bad experiences in my youth, in any way being physically different from the general crowd causes distress. 

I have often obsessed about being tall and the low self esteem it causes, and it reallly has caused me a lot of depression.    Depression has occurred often in my family so I would probably be depressed about one thing or another.   However, for whatever reason my height self esteem issue really feeds a social anxiety and I feel helpless against it.  

Most people seem to laugh at me and say 'lighten up.'   But I feel like a giant freak all the time.  If someone makes a friendly joke about my height, I am crushed.  

I have a beautiful wife, and we have a great relationship.   I feel fairly confident in my job at a local grocery store.   But the distressing issue of the way I perceive myself seems to constantly distress me.  

I am wonderring how many other people might feel this way.   I have been diagnosed with depression, but I some times wonder if I have OCD or something. 

Take care everyone, and please remember we are all precious...and thanks all for creating/participating in this forum.


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i understand whare your coming from as a 6ft intersexed woman(yuk damm labels again!), i do take comfort in the fact that should i attract a comment at least they had to look up to say it, my standard reply to them usually is "Dont worry you'll get under it",and point out it appears more of a problem for tham so they might want to look into that, dont know if thats any help to anyone , just thought i'd chip in as i live with it too xxxxx

I'm 6'5". Honestly it just feels normal all the time UNLESS i run into someone taller than me. That freeks me out a bit. The only time I wish I was shorter is when I hug a pretty girl. It's hard to enjoy a full body hug when you're a lot taller than most women.

I know how you feel sweetie, i am 5"11 and i cant tell you how hard it is to meet a guy that is taller than me.<br />
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I think it is easier for men to be tall cos the girls seem to go for taller guys more. Maybe you need to go talk to a councellor or something as it is still very much a problem for you.<br />
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It was an awful problem for me at school cos i was always a head over evreyone else and i used to hate it. They used to call me BFG (Big friendly giant) it was a kids book i am sure you heard of it.<br />
<br />
Dont bother me anymore too much.

I used to feel self-conscious in my teens (I'm 6'2") but got over it mostly.<br />
<br />
Would echo other comments that 6'3" isn't that tall. I would say in the USA and Europe 6'6" or so is tall!<br />
<br />
I love petite women 5'0 or so, I love the way it makes me feel protective and thus...maybe...wanted. The tallest girl I ever went out with was 5'9 and it didn't last long.<br />
<br />
I have a buddy who is 5'5" or so...he loves tall women.<br />
<br />
But why get hung up on it, we come in different sizes, shapes and flavours!

Being tall is great--I come from a family of 7--6 brothers and myself--two of my brothers are 6'6"- I'm the runt of the bunch--which is okay--5'8ish is just fine!

I am very surprised that you're actually embarrassed by your height. I've always loved the fact that the men in my family are quite tall, nearly as much as you are. Sometimes, when people ask me how tall, I even add an inch or two (sometimes more :D ) because I love the reactions I get. I could only wish I can be much taller then my 5'4 now...sigh. Like others here, I admire tall men, so don't even think about your height. What you have is actually an advantage. :)

heck i would love to be that tall. im 5'6 and my sister is 6'2 and my dad is 6'4, don't sweat it

Wow. And 6'3" is tall but not unusually tall. I always wanted to be tall since I was a little girl. I am the runt at only 5'6". I have a 14 yr old nephew who is 6'2" he loves it. I have a niece that just turned 18, she's 6'1" and a volleyball pla<x>yer--she totally loves being tall. Their dad is 6'4" and mom is 5'10". I like tall. I have dated a few men my height and one guy that was one-half inch shorter. I didn't mind it neither did he. He thought it was sexy to have a taller girlfriend.<br />
<br />
You should take steps to learn to love things about you. You are blessed with many riches--loving family, great relationship, good job and being tall. Depression is not an easy thing to conquer but it can be managed. Good luck.

i dont think you should be ashamsed at all that you are tall. i would rather have a tall man then a short one being that i am tall myself. i find it to be sexy when a man is significantly taller then his wife/gf whatever.

Hi i am 6'2" and i like it. and i love women that are under 5'4" because i can bend over and hug them. Of course if it isthe occation.

Hey, don't let anyone get you down. 6'3" isn't that tall anyways! And a lot of girls think tall men are hot. Myself included. =P

I am a fairly tall girl/woman lol at 5'9" and I have to say to the tall guys out there- stand tall and be proud. Most of the women i know love tall guys! I know I certainly do :D

I am 6'6". I was self conscious about my height fro some time. It was hard to buy clothes and shoes. Now it is easier.<br />
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I love being tall. It is a gift. I did not play sports so I did not use my gift that way. I am very strong. I naturally walk fast because I have long legs. I am great! I love myself. You should embrace yourself and all of your gifts.

I am 6'6". I never played sports in school. Being tall and big people used to ask me if I played. Usually I would tell the truth. Then I started to lie. It is a harmless lie.<br />
<br />
I had self confidence issue when I was young, like everyone else. <br />
<br />
I started to love my height in my twenties. I am smart and funny. My height has been and continues to be an advantage. I feel certain that a lot of good things have happened to me because people like my height. It is like a girl with big boobs. Men treat them differently.<br />
<br />
You will come to love your height. You will marry a very tall, beautiful woman. Every man will envy you. If you choose to have children, they will be beautiful and tall.<br />
Life will be good.

I assumed you were a woman complaining about being too tall. 6'3 isn't freakishly tall for a man! It's sexy, in my own humble opinion!

I'm 6'9 i've put up with jokes and staring since I was a teenager. The thing is though its better then its just being the same as everyone else.

Ya im 6'2 and its not a problem at all. women always want tall dark and handsome, and hey one out of three aint bad

megiraffe: I do understand how you feel! And frankly, I think tall men are sexy and it sounds like your wife feels the same way about you! Just look at those long legs and cute bun cheeks!!

i'm 5ft6 and i always wanted to be about 3-4 inches taller. as for tall men, they are very sexy to me and obviously to the other female posters on here. so be proud of your height!

I kind of relate. I come from a family where the only person over 5'5 is my father and myself. I'm the second youngest child, and one of three girls and I'm 5'10. I've always been referred to as the giant, or amazon. Blah blah blah.<br />
<br />
Personally, I like tall people. I know that when you are depressed, nothing I say or do will really change that. I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. I hate being noticed because of how tall I am, and I too suffer from depressions, off and on, for years, now. <br />
<br />
It gets better, eventually. But, only if you make it.

girls love tall men...i love tall and confident men...so stand tall...ur wife may like ur height but she may not like it if u r sad... tall is handsome..:-)

You shouldn't feel this way. I like tall men myself, hey I'm hoping I'll marry a tall guy. I'm 5'5'' and I do find tall guys sexy. :D

Finally someone I can really relate to! I'm 5'10" and female, but grew up in an area where the average male is 5'8". From the awkwardness of being literally a foot taller then all my classmates in 6th grade, to attending college parties where I walk in the door and the drunk guy in the back yells "Holy **** she's tall," I feel your pain. <br />
Hang in there! Even if you don't love yourself all the time, others do and appreciate ALL your qualities including your height. You just need to learn to see what they do. :)

Being "tall" is a state of mind. I'm 6' 2" and think of myself as short... why? Because my father and uncles were all taller than I am... from 6' 4" to 6' 8"...

I'm 5'6'' and I adore looking up at my tall 6'4'' gorgeous boyfriend. There are plenty of average height men out there who would enjoy a few extra inches. This isn't to say that your self consciousness is trivial--because it isn't. However from a female outsider's point of view, a tall man is vava-voom-- and I'm certain your wife will agree! I think positive reinforcement is what will help you overcome this. Look at all the lovely things others have posted!<br />
Yes indeed, tall men are fantastic. <br />
<br />
..and in the long run, beauty (attractive traits) is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore it doesn't matter what anyone else may have ever said or thought...the person who holds you dear should have the only opinion that matters. :)

i am a woman of 5ft 8 and always fely the tallest girl around, but my main issue was finding a boy or now man tall enough for me. all the guys iv ended up with are always shorter and i hate this, all my life iv fancied tall men but i can never find one, the ones who fancy me are always short, one guy i married was only 5ft4.

Well, you're 5'8"; it isn't like there are lots of men taller than you everywhere.

I know of quite a few blokes that do feel the same...in a way, quite embarrassed about their heights...especially when their bosses are shorter. They say it makes them feel enadequate....<br />
<br />
Me? I'm a 5'11" woman who wears heels..so that can cause a few problems...for me, it's the problem snogging! Get a bad back!<br />
<br />
What do the girls think here><br />
<br />
Sammy Jo Duponte xx

Hi there, have to say that I'm quite shocked with your message....never thought that a tall guy would have such a big problem with a decent height...well...it's very great height for my taste at least heh....<br />
I just think that you are too good generally and you just found a reason to make yourself bit miserably....sorry hun...but really, since when height is a nightmare especially for a man? Others are getting payed big bucks for it...k, we call it basketball....doesn't change anything tho!<br />
Be happy for who and how you are and stop having those funny ideas about yourself...you have NO REASON do it...those who are around love you alright....only this means that you're worthy....never height or weight or beauty was a reason to feel bad about yourself....when you know who you are for real.<br />
Many hugs and be happy....please....are a bunch of shorties around who would kill for a few inches :)<br />
That was a joke....even if bit "black'...<br />

I'm 6'1" and love it. I love towering over most people. I'd love to be 6'3", that would be awesome. The taller the better. Dude you rule, tall rules. I feel like a giant among men and I feel inferior when I meet someone taller like you. So please throw your shoulders back, head up and say I am HUGE man and people would love to be this tall. Seriously women love tall men and you should love yourself too. If you throw your shoulders back it makes you look even taller, probably intimidating. I work out so I'm built and tall, that makes for one massive person. If you don't already you should consider working out.

First, let me validate your pain. You are hurting and you need some help. Your pain is real.<br />
<br />
However, a very wise man, Epictetus, said, "People are disturbed, not by things, but by the views which they take of them." When I read your post, my first thought was, "What? Why in the world would that bother someone?" Because most people think that it's an advantage to be tall!<br />
<br />
(Again, I am not minimizing the importance of your pain.)<br />
<br />
You are not able to accept yourself, my friend. When a person does not accept him or herself, then no one else can, either, because you send off negative signals of self-loathing. Since you presumably know yourself better than anyone else, why should anyone else have a higher opinion of you (although many people, I am sure, do). <br />
<br />
The problem is not your height. The problem is the way you THINK. <br />
<br />
Another of my favorite philosophers is Abraham Lincoln, who said, "A man is as happy as he makes up his mind to be." (And the opposite is also true. A man is as miserable as he makes up his mind to be.)<br />
<br />
I know what I'm talking about because from the time I was 12 to age 34, I gave myself a hundred reasons why I was unlovable and worthless and ugly. During that whole time, I was chronically depressed. I was the cause of my own depression. And so are you, dear friend.<br />
<br />
Please read this book (available at Amazon.com): "How to Stubbornly Refuse to Make Yourself Miserable About Anything: Yes, Anything "(Paperback) by Albert Ellis. <br />
<br />
Don't be fooled by the title. It is a great book with practical and reality-based help. Also great is a book called "Mood Therapy" also available at Amazon.com.<br />
<br />
You are a great person!

I am 6'2" and love it. I see further in a crowd :)<br />
<br />
The height brings a respect, and you should embrace it. being different should not be a stumbling block, but a platform to success.

i would rather be tall. I am 4'10 and a half. i find it hard for people to take me serious. last week i went on a blind date with a guy 6'5". Afterwards he told me he didn't feel a dating "SPARK". I swear it's the height difference (Witch he knew about).<br />
<br />
i've been called tattoo, danny davito (Yes, I'm female), <br />
leperchaun, etc, etc. I even have a hard time getting jobs (unless it's working with kids). <br />
<br />
sorry, tall people have it easier.

You're insane! I wish I was 6'3''. It would have been more understandable if you were a female, but as a male the height is rather ideal. Embrace it, my friend. Stand tall, and be happy you were endowed with the the desirable salience.

well being tall, to me, is a blessing. and i have read a lot of comments here about women who like their tall men. try being a male and shorter than the average height of women in your country and you have the other end of the height issue. and yes, i deal with depression also, so my advice to you is take it one day at a time. i am sure that you are a nice person and that your spouse loves you very much. that is a bonus for you. and depression is a strange beast at any time. i have very low self esteem as a male at 5feet, 1.75 inches in height, and i often feel that my lack of height has been a hinderance to my earning power. and yes, it has been based upon the study done by Western University over a 40 year period that bears out the truth about incomes and height; incomes and looks. so to sum up, just take things one day a time, count your blessings when all seems to be closing in on you. and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm sorry you feel this way about yourself. 6'3" is not freakishly tall so you might be right when you say that if it weren't this, something else would cause depression. We all see ourselves very differently than others see us. and we hardly ever see ourselves the way God sees us. He created you, and there's nothing about you He wishes He could change!<br />
<br />
on a lighter note...my sister went with a guy who was 6'6". He had a t-shirt that read..."No, do you play miniature golf?"

Hi, I find it interesting how you feel...never had listen to a man complaint about their height...Be happy with the way you are, short, tall, is all the same keep your mind strong a dont let the social archetype affect you.<br />
Dont matter if you are in the States or Europe, Smile & have happy sunny day in your cerebro

I'm 6'0". I used to think I was tall (which I liked), but I've come to notice it really depends where I am. In many places, I'm merely above average height. It's cool to be short if you're a woman, but most people feel men ought to be tall.

6'3 is not that tall.... i know you feel self conscious but really focus on the good parts of your life. most houses are designed for tall people... you don't have to duck through doorways, you can always reach the top shelf, you can drive anycar. at 5'11 i feel short as a man... come on dude

I've fallen for a man thats 6'4. i'm just under 5'5 but i gots me some 5" heels and i get to feel sexy and dont have to stretch as far. I look at it like this: there's just more inches of him to enjoy :P

Same here. I'm 5'5". I've had two husbands who were 6.2 and a major obsession between them who was 6"4". I never did figure out exactly why. I'm not quite so obsessed with height any more, but I still doubt that I could date anyone who is less that 6'.

I can't believe someone is saying this (I'm sorry). But I CRAZY about tall men. In fact, if I could be honest (without sounding like nasty person) I would say that I refuse to date anyone under 6 foot 3. I used to live in the Netherlands and everyone was about your height. And I LOVED it. I'm 5 foot tall myself and tall men just really make me feel nice and cozy because then I can sit in their laps and they're just generally very pleasant to look at. I LOOOOVVVEEEE taller men! Don't be sad! You have nothing to be sad about.

I am a 70 year old woman and I am 5' 10". For years ans years I hated being tall then I had a beautiful granddaughter who is tall and she struted and wore the highest heels she could find and she looked wonderful and I thought mu goodness why did I fret over being tall. Tall is great. God made us all just the way we are and we should love it. bzcar.

I suppose that trying to comfort you won't help ; I assume your parents and friends have tried to persuade you that being tall is fine and all, but here you are...still not accepting your height.<br />
Instead, I will share my experience of being not tall, but what I find to be ridiculously short.<br />
I am barely 5'2", and wearing heels has become a habit for me. But even with the extra centimeters, I feel short -and I feel tiny whenever I take off my shoes. Many people think I am younger than I really am, which wouldn't be that bad if it didn't make them talk to me as if I were a kid or "something cute". It is very degrading at times. Whenever I gain a little weight, it shows tremedously...<br />
I wish I were taller. I really like tall thin girls and I envy them. I think you are lucky to be tall... and I truly hope that you will realize how nice it is (for a guy) some day.

You should migrate here to Scandinavia. The average guy is about 6ft 1. Girls are about 5'8 -5'9. I have a girlfriend who is 6ft. <br />
<br />
<br />
My boyfriend is 6ft4! I am 4 ft11. <br />
<br />
We look odd together but once people know us personally, they think we're cool together. <br />
<br />
I think tall or short is relative. Put it this way, being short is even more a disadvantage. Height often is considered in assessing how physically attractive people are. Look at the models!<br />
<br />
Plus it's easier for tall men than short men. Have you not read about tall men getting further in their careers? Read this http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article532535.ece<br />
<br />
and this...<br />
<br />
http://www.sixwise.com/newsletters/05/08/03/how_much_of_an_advantage_do_tall_men_have_are_tall_men_really_better_off.htm<br />
<br />
So...I'm sorry to say to you...it's all in your head. <br />
<br />
if you can see you're having an advantage, then you can start making more out of it. <br />
<br />
Good luck.<br />
<br />
Short girl.

I am a woman who is over 5'10. I mostly reached my height in 6th grade. I had size 10 shoe in 4th grade!!!!! This was very difficult, because for one thing everyone thought I was older, and condemned me not not acting older. My height was constantly the topic of conversation, and people stared, and still do all the time. To this day, even though I would never want to change my height, I still feel like a giant freak at times. I feel huge, I feel unfeminine, especially being around "normal" sized women. <br />
But something I realized, being tall as a child, other children feared me, or envied me. And as an adult I have found that most women wish they were taller, and many men like tall women. <br />
The thing I know about tall men....it is always attractive! Other men will even be intimidated by taller men. My husband is 6'2" and I would love it if he were even taller. Being tall myself, I always want to just stand next to a tall man, because it makes me feel small, and sometimes safe.<br />
Even if a man isn't attractive in the face, if he is tall, that always makes him more attractive. It makes you seem stronger, more masculine, more desirable. I don't know many men who wouldn't want to be tall. I know many shorter people who always wish to be tall, so us tall ones are fortunate we should stand tall and proud of it!

dude, i'm 6'4 200, I LOVE IT!! Did you know that it's a fact that taller people get more in life?? They're first to get promoted, they are paid more, they're the first noticed in a group, on and on and on... There's all kinds of great statistics on tall people benefiting and getting more out of life professionally, financially, sexually etc.... google it...

I agree with the others that 6'3 is, while tall, not unusual. My dad is 6'4 while my mom is 5'2. They make quite a cute couple! My brother is 6'3 and everyone thinks he is gorgeous. I don't think it is a matter of height, but how you carry yourself. If it is an issue that interrupts your lifestyle, maybe you should seek counseling, just to help learn how to feel good about yourself.

I'm a tall woman - a breath under six feet. I always adored tall men, but they never wanted ME. Except for my 6'4" highschool boyfriend, every man I've dated has been my height or shorter. Back home (Seattle) ALL the tall men seemed to go for tiny Asian women. When I moved to the midwest I thought I'd land a tall, lanky Scandinavian - but they all wanted the sturdy little Poles. And who went for me? Why, the Danes, of course - all under 5'8"! <br />
But you know what I've finally learned? Height DOESN'T MATTER. We're all different, all wonderful, all beautiful. Of course, "beauty IS as beauty DOES" - work on the inside bits - your courtesy, compassion and kindness. Develop your heart, mind and spirit. Develop your confidence. Listen to all of us here saying "tall is yummy!" & "tall or short - it's all good!" <br />
I've been with the love of my life for 4 years now, and he is 5'7". He says that walking around with me he feels like he's dating a supermodel. He is smart, funny, gentle, respectful, responsible, curious, fully CONSCIOUS, completely delicious. I couldn't love him more, and I couldn't care less about his height.<br />
Peace and love.

I know how you feel. When I was a 13 year old girl, I suddenly sprouted up to 5 ft 10 and a half, was the tallest (bar one) out of about more than 100 pupils. My hands felt huge, I stood with round shoulders to try and hide.<br />
<br />
BUT remember: it has been said that "height is the male beauty" and "true elegance is not possible if you are very short." A small woman in a big hat looks like a mushroom. Think of Abraham Lincoln - a great man who in no way resembled the male fashion plates of the time. Where would America be if he had concentrated on how bad he felt and not gone out boldly and ambitiously, trying to ignore his appearance? Have courage! Being self-conscious about your height is thinking about yourself. Think instead of the other people you are talking to.<br />
<br />
Also, statistically, tall men are paid more, people take them more seriously. Be confident about your height! Some small people are vindictive to those bigger than they are but it is because they are ENVIOUS! If you are mean, you can dismiss nasty small people with a mere glance downward, you need not say anything.<br />
<br />
And at the very least, think how you can help other people - little old ladies will ask you to get cans down from the top shelf on the supermarket, folk in wheelchairs need your help there too.<br />
<br />
Heroes are tall! Be a hero.<br />
<br />
Good luck for a more confident future. Being tall is an advantage.

Heya<br />
Im a tall lady 5'11" ish (especially by South African standards) and my ex-ex was 5'7" I ended up walking all hunched over, because people would look at us funny, and I guess just the plain old teenage slouch.<br />
<br />
When we broke up, and I met a taller guy (6'2") it was great, I could stand up tall and straight. Im the tallest of my female friends, by a long way, and we joke that we will go clothes shopping together, they will cut the bottoms off their pants, and Ill sew the cutoff bits onto mine to hide my ankles. <br />
<br />
My point in all that waffle is that I love being tall, and I love looking up into my fiances face (he is 6'). I can reach the top of all the cupboards, and selves, and see over peoples heads in a crowd. And along with that it really helps when it comes to my climbing ;)<br />
<br />
6'3" isnt giantly tall... I have a cousin who is 6'7" and his father and brother are 6'5". We are much like the Netherlands here, if a guy is under around 5'11" then he is considered short.<br />
<br />
Height is great, think about all the good stuff you can do, that you couldnt do if you were 6" shorter :D

I love tall men, and most women I know do to. They don't even HAVE to be really tall (even though it helps =) ) just taller than me. My friends, husband is 6'2" and she is only 5'3". And they are great together.

I am one of the average people, 5' 2" I have been battling self concious thoughts for the last few years and I went inside myself to fix it. I wrote down all the crap people wrote then i wrote down all the good things about myself. So I of course look at the good qualities, which on really truley listed on a peice of paper and when I'm feeling bad I look at my list. I don't feel the need near as much now as I used to because I trid a very simple meditation. I take in deep breaths of pure white light and when I audibly let out my breath through my mouth I am blowing out my issues and stating I don't need that with me anymore. It does not serve me so angels here you go, take my problem I don't want it any more. Guess what after two or three times of this, It's gone. Well it was for me. Couldn't hurt to try it could it?

I would say this: <br />
Good men don't feel sorry for themselves.<br />
<br />
So don't.<br />
<br />
When you are around others, don't think about yourself and be self-conscious. Think about the person or people you are with instead. Focus on them not yourself. It may free you of "I".

I kind of get what you mean, I'm female & I'm 5'10". Every time someone meets me, their first comment is usually something abt my height. When I was in the 4th grade I was already taller than my mom, who is only 5'2". I was humiliated when she came to parent-teacher night & everyone saw that I was taller than her. It doesn't bother me too much now, but it still keeps me from wearing some of the shoes I want to wear, tho I have began, over the past couple yrs to wear some with a bit of a heel.

I guess it just depends on what your ideal self would look like, eh? I work in retail and had a couple guys at my store who were 6'5" and 6'4" and seemed to dig it. Most people wish they were taller. The tall ones always seem to get noticed first in a crowd, but why not? Things that stand out always catch the eye. If there's a row of houses and only one is on fire I'm guessing thats the one I'd look at. There's a Coke vendor that comes to my store now who is, no joke, 7'2". He calls everyone he sees "Big Guy." Just got to take it in stride and keep a good sense of humor about it all. It's just life, after all.

listen to everyone, being tall isn't a bad thing. but i know once you feel bad about something people telling you not to worry doesnt help. s another point of veiw though tall be can related to prtection, im sure your wife has no complaints, and i like tall guys too :)<br />
there are plenty of people to talk to on here so dont let yourself get too low...

Hey there! I would like to express my appreciation of tall men. I have always preferred taller guys, and admit that when a walk into a party, classroom, or meeting, the +6'0 men are immediately who I want to talk to.<br />
<br />
I recognize that being tall has its' challenges. My boyfriend has a hard time being comfortable while traveling. Blankets inevitably leave his feet out in the cold. He has also mentioned being given unwarranted attention for simple actions: people do notice you more!<br />
<br />
Please believe that you can learn to accept yourself for the good person you are - tall or not! You are fortunate to have a loving wife, and she is lucky to have you.<br />
<br />
Until you feel comfortable in your own skin, here is something which I hope will cheer you up.<br />
<br />
Did you know that the word "tall" in the English language did not originally have to do with height? In medieval English, the word was an adjective for men who were brave, valorous, able warriors, an example of what masculinity should be. Over time, the word changed because such excellent people seemed to have something in common physically! They were tall! :D<br />
<br />
Etymology of the word here:<br />
http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=tall<br />
<br />
Can also be confirmed in book "Semantic Antics" by Sol Steinmetz<br />
<br />

I'm 5'3", but I LOVE tall men. My last ex was 6'5". I think its extremely hot. :)

I'm 6'0 and female and I'm a bit self conscious of my height since I always wanted to be a petite girly girl. But I have always preferred tall men to short guys. Your height brings you more female attention than you are probably aware of. <br />
<br />
Funny story: My Dad is 6'6 and belongs to a very active social club called Tall Texans (lol)

sir god made you that way thank him

Got to agree with treefrogz, find some tall people to hang out with. And like delt said, visiting northern Europe is a good way to find 'em! I'm not too self-conscious about my height (about 6'3) but maybe I just consider everyone else short :P

Hi. I'm short. i mean like, 4'11 short. I tell people I'm 5'0. When I was in grade school, people would call me Shrimp. I hated it. I'd go into the girls bathroom and cry. As I got older, Shrimp turned into "WOW!! You're SHORT!!" As I'm sure you can understand, I got pissed. I'm still self concious about my height. Sometimes I'd give anything to be 5'7...even 5'4 would do.<br />
My boyfriend is about 6'1. I love it. I like tall men, and I'm sure your wife does too! Hang in there:)

alot of men like short women, i know cuz i'm one of them. :-)

interesting. I always though tall men would feel superior and confident, because it seems like society sees tall men as masculine, healthy, dominant.<br />
<br />
As a tall woman, I guess I just thought it was a tall female trait to feel like I stood out (or up) from from everyone else. sometimes i just want to stay seated.<br />
<br />
I stand corrected.<br />

I guess some people like to stand out, and some feel self conscious about it. Actually it's probably more complicated than that, because I know for me it depends what mood I'm in. When I'm low I tend to hunch over and slouch around with my hands in my pockets, but when I'm in a good mood I admit I kind've enjoy flaunting it :P

I actually do understand what you are saying....<br />
<br />
.. the catch is that quite often, being tall easily emphesizes your actions... That basically means you always have to hold back more than a shorter person would have to...<br />
.. it is also illustrated by the fact that small people can afford to be far more aggressiver an get get away with murder... and when a tall bloke does something everybody will see, and everybody will remember....<br />
<br />
The self esteem issue is quite recognizable.... and if it will help you: stand next to me and I'll call you short stuff....<br />
<br />
... or better yet: visit the Netherlands... the avarage height of the avarage dutch man is about 6'0"... so you should feel right at home ;)<br />
<br />
hang in there! being tall has its perks !!

I went to Denmark a couple of years ago and just felt very odd at first, like something was very slightly off, and it took me about half a day to work it out - I was looking most people straight in the eye, and regularly seeing people who were taller than me. It was weird.