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I Feel Very Self-concious of My Height

Hello, I am fairly tall.  About 6'3 feet.   And it causes me a lot of distress.   I think in general because I had bad experiences in my youth, in any way being physically different from the general crowd causes distress. 

I have often obsessed about being tall and the low self esteem it causes, and it reallly has caused me a lot of depression.    Depression has occurred often in my family so I would probably be depressed about one thing or another.   However, for whatever reason my height self esteem issue really feeds a social anxiety and I feel helpless against it.  

Most people seem to laugh at me and say 'lighten up.'   But I feel like a giant freak all the time.  If someone makes a friendly joke about my height, I am crushed.  

I have a beautiful wife, and we have a great relationship.   I feel fairly confident in my job at a local grocery store.   But the distressing issue of the way I perceive myself seems to constantly distress me.  

I am wonderring how many other people might feel this way.   I have been diagnosed with depression, but I some times wonder if I have OCD or something. 

Take care everyone, and please remember we are all precious...and thanks all for creating/participating in this forum.


megiraffe79 megiraffe79 36-40, M 97 Responses May 1, 2008

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I can't believe you posted this, theirs amputees that don't ***** as much about self confidence in their physical appearence as you do. This was quite possibly the gayest thing I've ever read. Do us all a favor and go find yourself a 7' boyfriend to cry in his lap, because any dude that posts something like this obviously enjoys penis in and around his mouth.

im 5'7" and it may not seem like i am that tall, but i grew up around a lot of spanish people and they are very short. i used to be called names like jolly green giant and people said i look like a man bcuz of my hieght. i am a very pretty girl but sometimes all the girls i grew up with would try to bring down my self asteem so they would say i looked like a man. i always felt like a freak until i reliezed models are tall and beautiful. its not a bad thing to be tall. thats just how god made you. my best friend is 6'2 and she always gets picked on but ithink she is a beautiful person. and she has killer legs, im so jealous lol.

6 feet 3 inches is not particularly tall in my world<br />
besides tal men are so attractive :)

i understand whare your coming from as a 6ft intersexed woman(yuk damm labels again!), i do take comfort in the fact that should i attract a comment at least they had to look up to say it, my standard reply to them usually is "Dont worry you'll get under it",and point out it appears more of a problem for tham so they might want to look into that, dont know if thats any help to anyone , just thought i'd chip in as i live with it too xxxxx

I'm 6'5". Honestly it just feels normal all the time UNLESS i run into someone taller than me. That freeks me out a bit. The only time I wish I was shorter is when I hug a pretty girl. It's hard to enjoy a full body hug when you're a lot taller than most women.

I know how you feel sweetie, i am 5"11 and i cant tell you how hard it is to meet a guy that is taller than me.<br />
<br />
I think it is easier for men to be tall cos the girls seem to go for taller guys more. Maybe you need to go talk to a councellor or something as it is still very much a problem for you.<br />
<br />
It was an awful problem for me at school cos i was always a head over evreyone else and i used to hate it. They used to call me BFG (Big friendly giant) it was a kids book i am sure you heard of it.<br />
<br />
Dont bother me anymore too much.

I used to feel self-conscious in my teens (I'm 6'2") but got over it mostly.<br />
<br />
Would echo other comments that 6'3" isn't that tall. I would say in the USA and Europe 6'6" or so is tall!<br />
<br />
I love petite women 5'0 or so, I love the way it makes me feel protective and thus...maybe...wanted. The tallest girl I ever went out with was 5'9 and it didn't last long.<br />
<br />
I have a buddy who is 5'5" or so...he loves tall women.<br />
<br />
But why get hung up on it, we come in different sizes, shapes and flavours!

Being tall is great--I come from a family of 7--6 brothers and myself--two of my brothers are 6'6"- I'm the runt of the bunch--which is okay--5'8ish is just fine!

I am very surprised that you're actually embarrassed by your height. I've always loved the fact that the men in my family are quite tall, nearly as much as you are. Sometimes, when people ask me how tall, I even add an inch or two (sometimes more :D ) because I love the reactions I get. I could only wish I can be much taller then my 5'4 now...sigh. Like others here, I admire tall men, so don't even think about your height. What you have is actually an advantage. :)

heck i would love to be that tall. im 5'6 and my sister is 6'2 and my dad is 6'4, don't sweat it

Wow. And 6'3" is tall but not unusually tall. I always wanted to be tall since I was a little girl. I am the runt at only 5'6". I have a 14 yr old nephew who is 6'2" he loves it. I have a niece that just turned 18, she's 6'1" and a volleyball pla<x>yer--she totally loves being tall. Their dad is 6'4" and mom is 5'10". I like tall. I have dated a few men my height and one guy that was one-half inch shorter. I didn't mind it neither did he. He thought it was sexy to have a taller girlfriend.<br />
<br />
You should take steps to learn to love things about you. You are blessed with many riches--loving family, great relationship, good job and being tall. Depression is not an easy thing to conquer but it can be managed. Good luck.

i dont think you should be ashamsed at all that you are tall. i would rather have a tall man then a short one being that i am tall myself. i find it to be sexy when a man is significantly taller then his wife/gf whatever.

Hi i am 6'2" and i like it. and i love women that are under 5'4" because i can bend over and hug them. Of course if it isthe occation.

Hey, don't let anyone get you down. 6'3" isn't that tall anyways! And a lot of girls think tall men are hot. Myself included. =P

I am a fairly tall girl/woman lol at 5'9" and I have to say to the tall guys out there- stand tall and be proud. Most of the women i know love tall guys! I know I certainly do :D

I am 6'6". I was self conscious about my height fro some time. It was hard to buy clothes and shoes. Now it is easier.<br />
<br />
I love being tall. It is a gift. I did not play sports so I did not use my gift that way. I am very strong. I naturally walk fast because I have long legs. I am great! I love myself. You should embrace yourself and all of your gifts.

I am 6'6". I never played sports in school. Being tall and big people used to ask me if I played. Usually I would tell the truth. Then I started to lie. It is a harmless lie.<br />
<br />
I had self confidence issue when I was young, like everyone else. <br />
<br />
I started to love my height in my twenties. I am smart and funny. My height has been and continues to be an advantage. I feel certain that a lot of good things have happened to me because people like my height. It is like a girl with big boobs. Men treat them differently.<br />
<br />
You will come to love your height. You will marry a very tall, beautiful woman. Every man will envy you. If you choose to have children, they will be beautiful and tall.<br />
Life will be good.

I assumed you were a woman complaining about being too tall. 6'3 isn't freakishly tall for a man! It's sexy, in my own humble opinion!

I'm 6'9 i've put up with jokes and staring since I was a teenager. The thing is though its better then its just being the same as everyone else.

Ya im 6'2 and its not a problem at all. women always want tall dark and handsome, and hey one out of three aint bad

megiraffe: I do understand how you feel! And frankly, I think tall men are sexy and it sounds like your wife feels the same way about you! Just look at those long legs and cute bun cheeks!!

i'm 5ft6 and i always wanted to be about 3-4 inches taller. as for tall men, they are very sexy to me and obviously to the other female posters on here. so be proud of your height!

I kind of relate. I come from a family where the only person over 5'5 is my father and myself. I'm the second youngest child, and one of three girls and I'm 5'10. I've always been referred to as the giant, or amazon. Blah blah blah.<br />
<br />
Personally, I like tall people. I know that when you are depressed, nothing I say or do will really change that. I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. I hate being noticed because of how tall I am, and I too suffer from depressions, off and on, for years, now. <br />
<br />
It gets better, eventually. But, only if you make it.

girls love tall men...i love tall and confident stand tall...ur wife may like ur height but she may not like it if u r sad... tall is handsome..:-)

You shouldn't feel this way. I like tall men myself, hey I'm hoping I'll marry a tall guy. I'm 5'5'' and I do find tall guys sexy. :D

Finally someone I can really relate to! I'm 5'10" and female, but grew up in an area where the average male is 5'8". From the awkwardness of being literally a foot taller then all my classmates in 6th grade, to attending college parties where I walk in the door and the drunk guy in the back yells "Holy **** she's tall," I feel your pain. <br />
Hang in there! Even if you don't love yourself all the time, others do and appreciate ALL your qualities including your height. You just need to learn to see what they do. :)

Being "tall" is a state of mind. I'm 6' 2" and think of myself as short... why? Because my father and uncles were all taller than I am... from 6' 4" to 6' 8"...

I'm 5'6'' and I adore looking up at my tall 6'4'' gorgeous boyfriend. There are plenty of average height men out there who would enjoy a few extra inches. This isn't to say that your self consciousness is trivial--because it isn't. However from a female outsider's point of view, a tall man is vava-voom-- and I'm certain your wife will agree! I think positive reinforcement is what will help you overcome this. Look at all the lovely things others have posted!<br />
Yes indeed, tall men are fantastic. <br />
<br />
..and in the long run, beauty (attractive traits) is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore it doesn't matter what anyone else may have ever said or thought...the person who holds you dear should have the only opinion that matters. :)

i am a woman of 5ft 8 and always fely the tallest girl around, but my main issue was finding a boy or now man tall enough for me. all the guys iv ended up with are always shorter and i hate this, all my life iv fancied tall men but i can never find one, the ones who fancy me are always short, one guy i married was only 5ft4.

Well, you're 5'8"; it isn't like there are lots of men taller than you everywhere.

I know of quite a few blokes that do feel the a way, quite embarrassed about their heights...especially when their bosses are shorter. They say it makes them feel enadequate....<br />
<br />
Me? I'm a 5'11" woman who wears that can cause a few problems...for me, it's the problem snogging! Get a bad back!<br />
<br />
What do the girls think here><br />
<br />
Sammy Jo Duponte xx