I'm Fabulous, Beyotch!

I've heard a lot of retarded things about my height

"Can you touch the celieng?"

How's the weather up there?

You are so tall. Do you play basketball?
Well then what do you do?

People always have something to say about my height (6 feet). My personally favorite is meeting for the first time, and they awkwardly blurt out, "You're really tall!"

You don't say.

Silly hobbits. :) I have fabulous long legs and a slim frame. I can wear a burlap sack and it looks good. With my stature, I'm statistically more likely to hold a hire position in the work force. I can reach top shelf. And nobody tries to threaten me

Yep, being tall rocks.
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My favourite reply is:
Why don't you simply GROW up??

I have heard those same things my whole life. like you I feel about the same way.

I loved your post. I'm 6'7" and get the craziest looks walking around, especially in an airport.<br />
People do ask stupid things. I've got to the point where I hate short people. They seem to always be in the way. Thanks for sharing. I'm still at work tonight. I have one remaining flight. And you sent me on my way with a laugh.

Well i wish i felt the same way you did about my height.. Being tall when you are a girl isn't really a good thing, i've always had a problem finding a guy taller then me

Lol. My boyfriend is two inches shorter than me, and most days I wear heels...so that's rounded up to 4-5 inches taller than him.... and he's the best. :) Stature isn't everything. ;)

true.. stature isn't everything :)

but society is a bi*ch..

I love your confidence!