I'm Tall For A Female

I'm 5'10" at about 135lbs so I'm slim. I love being thin, but my height makes me so self conscious, at times even less feminine. I love really cute, girly clothes, but at my height I have such a hard time finding tops and dresses that fit right, especially fashionable ones. My feet are also slightly larger than average. They are not big by any means, but certainly have me digging for name brand shoes. Anyone share my pain or have tips for clothes and shoes? And men, what do you think of tall women?
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I'm 13 and im 5"11.. I feel your pain . And yes im a girl.. :L

I'm almost 5'10, so I feel your pain as far as locating clothes goes. Everything seems to be designed for shorter, stockier women and it's unfortunate when nothing seems to fit. I sometimes I find articles of clothing that I LOVE, but I can't wear them (unless I want to be readjusting my shirt every two seconds).

My advice is to embrace your height and search for items that flatter your long torso. Try to go for form-fitting over flowy and try to select pieces with seams if possible. Also, this is fairly obvious, but try to search for items that are already longer in their design. If not, layering is a good alternative. I wear long tank tops and leggings with a lot of items to make everything flow together more modestly. Additionally, on your long frame, a cinched belt around your waist may become your best friend.

Also, I know a lot of men who love tall girls, so take pride in your height!

I am 6'6" tall women are very sexy

guys i'm 13 and 5'10" and shoe size 8

I am also 5"10 but my shoe size is 6 1/2 and sometimes 6<br />
I am 108 pounds :)<br />
Sometimes I cant find jeans that fit me because I am tall and slim but with a BIG butt so is not so easy :(

Thank you all so much for commenting! It really helped give me a newer perspective :) thank you all so much!

Im 6'5'' and as a guy I like walking past tall women because I know that most tall women desire tall men, so im always hopeful that ill get a sultry look... A least the crack of a smile... Beauty is from the confidence u show the world.... Embrace it and be fierce.

I'm not a guy but I admire tall girls so much! I always wanted to be tall but alas, I am only 5'3. Tall girls naturally have more confidence than short girls I would think. You girls are blessed with long legs (something I've always wanted).

Nothing wrong with your size, just your attitude towards yourself start by loving who you are or at least liking yourself for what you are. I'm 6'2" nothing wrong with that many people that are shorter keep telling me they would like to be taller.

First, keep up the "really cute, girly clothes. My daughter, who was 6' tall enjoyed being taller than most girls...and guys. She said, with a good sense of humor, she liked being "above everyone else". It's important when you're tall to learn to carry yourself so that you are not trying to minimize your height by slouching. Stand tall. Not only is it better for your back but it also gives the impression of self confidence. My wife just told me that Kristen, our daughter, use to get a lot of trendy and feminine clothes from Coles and that Target carries a good selection of shoes that fit taller girls. But your height too can be used to disarm people and make light of certain situations. For example, one day my wife and daughter were having a silly argument when Kristen stopped for a second and said to her mom, "you have grey hair on top of your head!" The argument evaporated and we all laughed. So, what I learned from Kristen is that: (1 You have to make a few very minor adjustments regarding where you buy your clothes. (2 Stand tall and be proud of who you are. (3 -optional- Wear 3" heels to prove to the world that you are comfortable with yourself...:-)<br />
Just a few things I learned from my beautiful daughter. I hope it helps.<br />

Are you into fashion? If you haven't already, you can google "models off duty" or "model streetstyle" and see how those fabulous tall ******* do it

I think its all in your mind I'm 6 feet tall shoe size 11 I weight 241lbs, it's heavy I know but being tall you can get away with some weight however I'm working on loosing the weight but that's beside the point I'm married and have 4 girls I have rarely felt bad about being tall it's the way you carry your self with confidence I looooooove being tall got to play volleyball and travel because I got chosen for my height when I was single and skinny people told me Id love to be your height and I also wore high hills and dated shorter guys and y didn't care, I was happy that I made an impression every where I went everybody knew me or al least they knew the tall girl hahaha by the way I'm also Mexican whitch makes matters worse because I was a freak hahah everybody is short down there but I didn't care had a really happy life the only thing I don't like about being tall is that is difficult to find shoes other than that I really think is an advantage and I feel blessed....

To tell you the true Lilyag LOVE YOURSELF for who you are. Shhh its hard most times for you i know it even though i am short i strongly understand your feelings. Being at that young age you just want to fit in. Being that tall it seems hard to get clothes your size but to tell you something at this tender age of 16 i am a slim girl and at times i find it hard to find clothe that can fit me and i use to hard it. But what i realize something to just love and appreciate yourself lilyag,LOVE yourself and make God happy dont HATE yourself and make satan happy. In this world not eeryone is made to be short some have to be short too. And you know whats ironic if you were short i bet you would have wanted to be tall. So you have to appreciate who you are. When you appreiate your height so will persons around you:).

Tall women are the best of the best. Love them! Be proud because you are greatly admired.

TALL/SHORT women are the best of the best. Love them! Be proud because you are greatly admired.

I am 6'8" and am technically classified as a giant. I have never had a girlfriend anywhere near as tall as you which would have been great as it has caused many problems with having to stoop down to kiss my girlfriends. Being tall is great and anyone who says it isn't is jealous of the fact that you are. You can see above everyone, people can see you and more importantly when someone tall enters the room you grab all of the attention. Take it from me women love tall men and men love tall women

I think beauty comes from within the person, not necessarily their outward appearance. I personally like taller women myself - I suppose you have to use what was given to you to make an impact in this life :)

So so true!

Thank you :)

I actually love tall women. They have every thing a woman has only more of it.<br />
Its like every thing erratic about a woman with the volume turned up, so hot!<br />
Of course I'm 5 11 so your kind of short for me I prefer women at least 6 feet so their at least an inch taller. The whole "feminine" thing is just bull **** society made up anyway. Society wants women infantile and weak so stupid weak men won't be afraid of them. You should see how scaired some of these idiots are of a woman they think might be stronger than them its asinine. I've even read posts by women talking about having men fix things etc so they don't "feel worthless" what in the hell is wrong with our society that we have these sick gender roles?

tall girls are beautiful. I always had trouble kissing the shorter ones since i'm like 6'5" lol

absolutely nothing wrong with your height. my friend is 5'10 and im jealous of her model like figure long legs she can pull off so many looks and stands out in the crowd. just be confident

I'm surprised! I'm probably only half an inch shorter than you and have found clothes fit me better than most people. Jeans are always the perfect length. Sleeves always end at the right place. <br />
<br />
But I do tend to go for slightly longer dresses and skirts than my friends. The ones that look short on them look positively slutty on me. Ones that nearly hit their knees are usually short enough on me lol.

Being tall is nothing to worry over. I'm 5'1 and I can kill to have your height. so I agree with MFBG. Be extra confident because it makes you stand out, which other people are sooo jealous about

think about Taylor Swift and all those things she said about being tall ;) You could be a model

Grass is always greener, huh?<br />
I'm 4ft. 11in. almost a friggin lil person (not that there's anything wrong with that)<br />
No clothes until the past couple years ever fit me as was<br />
either arms/legs too long...etc.<br />
I've learned instead of weraing 10 inch platform shoes to try n look all tall, to embrace all of me<br />
I love bein lil and petite now.<br />
just sayin<br />
find joyinthejourney

:-) indeed. I'm 6'1, which makes it hard for me to find clothes that fit. I like being a tall girl cause I can see over mostly everyone!

I understand your problem. I am 6'2" (have been since 15), Finding the right shoes and clothes that are fashionable and fit is a real pain.

I'm 6 feet..so i like tall girls.