Hows The Weather Up Here? Oh It Raining Fists... Stop Asking That!!!

Seein alot of people on here in the 6'3'' guys are average, not tall. 

Im 6'8'' TALL. And trust me it aint all its cracked up to be. 

Sure women are automatically attracted to me, but god decided to even me out with crippling shyness. And sure i get the feeling that if i got attacked by a black bear that i could beat its *** into the ground, but people just think im crazy for saying that.( name the time and place. i will murder your black bear with my bare hands.<---pun intended)

But then i am constantly reminded of how tall i am by shorter less important people. hehehe stupid smelly shortys. <---comedy
Im sure you guys and gals have heard them all, just as i have. so i wont be repeating them. 

but then again people want to be my friend. other tall people have walked up to me shaking my hand sayin yourthe first person ive met that is taller then me. 
also im naturally built to wear badass Halloween costumes... like my supreme darth vader costume. 

im sure youre all wondering why i would tell you what you already know. well its simple...

to send a challenge to all black bears and warn them that im comin for them. <--- a promise!

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1 Response May 3, 2012

Love your height!!