Not Too Tall..

Im not extremely tall im 5"7 without any when i do put shoes..(typically heels and wedges) I am tall!! sometimes.. taller than some dates..which is AWKWARD lol..Im talller than all of my friends haha!
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im 6'3 and 13 :P

No offsite but I'm taller :p

I'm 5'6" but even taller with heels. I'm waiting to find that perfect nerdy smart kid...who's taller than me.

I have to ask, what is the point in wearing heals or wedges when you're already tall?

So its a girly thing not a "i want to be taller" thing. now im really happy im short.

It's the way is makes your legs and butt look.

and now im happy I already have a nice butt that I dont need heals or wedges to make it look good. My legs and butt are two things I never worry about looking good.

You could wear any size heel and you would not be taller then me. And if ever you found a pair that made you taller then I would put on some heels and still be taller! lol

My ex wife is 5'11" and I'm 5'8". As Jerry Stiller said of his marriage to Anne Miera, who is 4 inches or so taller than him, it does not matter in the horizontal position *smirk*

Gotta luv that Frank Costanza! lol On King of Queens, I deemed his character "New Frank"

A 4 inch difference is not that much. Make it a foot difference and the horizontal position really does matter. Its good i like being suffocated durring sex or else my boyfriend and I wouldn't be able to have sex. im 4'10 and hes 5'11.

It can be tough with 69