I Will Be 13 Years Old & 5'7

I am a very tall girl for my age. I had a growth spurt at eleven and I became tall and skinny. I gained a little bit of my weight back. Alot of people say I am pretty and tall but sometimes I hate standing over cute boys . I go looking for tall boys and usually they dont be my age. Usually they think i am older because of my height . I like being tall now and getting use to it. I am 5'7 . I am taller than my mama . I hate when people make a BIG deal about it tho. I mean some people act like I'm the first tall girl they ever seen?
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Nothing wrong with being tall! I'm 5'9 and hit that by 8th grade. My oldest daughter is 13 and is almost 5'10 and my 10 yr. old daughter is 5'4. They are praying that they get to 6 ft. tall! They play volleyball, so the taller the better. ;o) I think 5'10 will be it for my oldest. I know she doesn't have much growing left in her. And I don't think my 10 yr. old will get much past that either. I always tell them to stand up straight and love your height. You can't grow shorter, so you've got to go with it. The majority of people, if given the choice, would rather be tall than short. They have both always been the tallest kids in their class, though I imagine now the boys the boys will start catching up with my oldest. Most boys are just beginning to get taller at 13 while many girls are beginning to slow down. Enjoy your height!

That's awesome girl. I think I was about the same height at your age. Now I'm 19 and 6'1". Finding tall guys is still difficult, but it gets easier the older you are because the guys FINALLY get their height on them at around 16 and catch up to you :)

I'm Glad somebody can relate to me . whhheww ! Yeah being tall is pretty cool .

sure is =)

I'm 13 & I'm 5'6 I Had A Growth Spurt At 10.I'm Tall & Skinny Too.!We Cool

Cool . I really feel better