Legs As Long As ........

I've always been the tallest . In school, in college, at university, amongst all my friends, other fellow students and colleagues but funny enough in my family , I'm "dwarfed" by my brothers :)
It's really hard to meet a guy over 6ft in this society, I'm forever chatted up by over confident "short" guys . That's not an issue for me, but it would be nice to not feel boyish , I long for a tall sexy guy to give me a bone crushing bear hug or to sweep me off my feet, literally, I long for long walks , hand in hand , stride for stride , not that awkward step by step motion when neither party is sure of what to do. Or not having to bend down slightly when giving a passionate kiss.
I'm sure love doesn't look at all these shallow things, but it would be nice....
I love heels, although I wear them very rarely outside of my house, I have almost 30 pairs of unworn 4'+ heels . That will probably never see day light. If only I was 5"5 +....... *winks*.. They make me sooo much more taller and even more uncomfortable in my already awkward environment .
....*whispers* ..... But you know what???

I wouldn't change a thing ...... :)
Diamond321 Diamond321
22-25, F
Oct 19, 2012