5'11" Is Tall For A Girl

I don't know how I got so tall, both of my parents are around 5'6" but I tower above them now. I am taller than all of my female friends and they aren't short. It's difficult meeting men who I can wear heels with and not have to look down at them. Being tall has it's advantages but it sucks sometimes too.
20thcenturygirl 20thcenturygirl
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5 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Embrace it! Many people would kill to be taller, I'm a guy and only 5'7" and would looooveee a few more inches lol

I'm 6'4"

Oh I'm twelve and 5'10... Haha I agree it has advantages and disadvantages

tall girls are beautiful!!!

12 and 5'10? Dang lol I'm a 19 year old guy and 5'7" .... at your age I was only like 5'0 :/

tall women are so sexy!!!

I'm 6'3 you can wear heels with me baby