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So I've been tall my whole life- some people have growth spurts, but I grew fast and all but stopped by high school. Obviously, it gives me a certain lack of perspective about being anything but the first one asked to reach something high on a shelf, standing out in every crowd, first moved to the back row of a group photo, quickly recognized/described by public passers-by, and marginalized in the clothed, female population, albeit progressively less over my lifetime.

People tend to express their desire to be taller than they are to me- I usually tell them the truth which is that I share their pain, as I've always wanted to be taller. I've also wanted to be shorter for obvious reasons,  but my height's consistently been used as my primary identifying characteristic, so I've come to embrace this trait as central to my identity.

The most common comments of strangers waiting in any line, standing around in public, and wandering the streets are "You must play basketball!" "How tall are you?" and "Wow! You're tall!" to which I respond with variations of "'Don't play ball much anymore," "Six-one-ish," and "What?! Are you serious? Who knew?!"
There were hardships growing up- middle school dances before boys had even considered getting close to catching up, shopping for clothes and shoes until I'd completed most of high school. There were what seemed to be blessings in my teens- access to bars long before I turned 21, admittance to R-rated movies in middle school, attention and respect of older people who assumed we were peers, and the superpower of being able to walk into a package store and purchase alcohol beginning somewhere around the age of 17 (without needing or possessing a fake i.d.). My twenties have brought a flattering hassle- I get carded more now for smokes, ****, fireworks, and alcohol than I did before I turned 18 and 21, respectively.

As an adult, I appreciate my height for having just as many positive, attractive qualities as any other. Sexually, any combination of heights between partners has unique benefits- I've never had an issue with a lover's height (5'4"-6'7" thus far), as I know height doesn't necessarily indicate  the size of genitalia or skillful passion.  'Nuff said...
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Yes, I do agree with TheTardyDodo, this is well written and expressive of things about being taller than most within your age groop. There were a couple surprising things, is. that you share other's pain...when the wish to be taller. <br />
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Thanks for a refreshing well put together story. <br />
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You know there's nothing better than coming across a story that is just entertaining, well-formed prose that's well articulated. A good ol'fashioned experience-story! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)