I'm 6 foot 4 inches...I don't know what I am in centimeters...sorry you metric folks
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You are sweet.

I didn't say a tall drink of water, I said a NICE one...thanks for the compliment :-)<br />
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Red heads are SUPER hot!!

I am not very tall....Tall mens are hot!

hey thanks, I bet you are a nice drink of water yourself :-)

One tall drink of water !

Ahhh, I'm glad I was able to captivate you lika da Heidegger huh? I wanted to call my little music project Dasein but there's already numerous bands that beat me to it.

You're almost as perceptive as you are subtle, Siddlerius Austinae!<br />
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You had me at Dasein...

Athena, your literary usage exceeds my understanding at times..not sure if you are complimenting me or talking trash...hopefully a little bit of both

So you've grown four inches since birth, eh? Well, done, indeed...<br />
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I prefer to keep my hyperboles loose<br />
to ensure a snug fit with the noose...

yeah, I was born 72 inches long, my mother was not happy about that

Sweet! I understand both measures, so centimeters aren't required conversions.<br />
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Were you always tall, Senor Siddler?