I've Been Called Tall

  Any taller then six feet(184ish cms) and I think I would stand out, at my current height I feel average while I'm walking through the city.

I have bad posture and am a fidget; as a result my muscles have gone their own ways over the years. I'm constantly aware that my shoulders are trying to sneak forward into a slouch, I rarely sit up straight for a long time, and my knees often pop painfully out of joint unless I keep moving them (Or rest when I’ve been moving them for awhile)…the physio called it movie-goers knee, it has become much worse as I spend my work-days sitting.

At school I was the tallest in my peer-group earlier on, in later years I had a few friends who shot past me to 6ft 3" and above...and they definitely stood out (At the time). I'm pretty sure that half the reason I slouch is because of my insecurity standing out when walking with shorter friends, adjusting my posture to seem shorter. That was years ago but the mind-set is still there and hard to shake.

And then sometimes I’m happy to be tall, push my shoulders back and walk with great long strides past the shorter-legged pedestrians on my way to the bus-stop, gracefully navigating the crowd, trying to subtly alter the flow to allow me to jump a few paces ahead…that’s the only place it defiantly comes in handy…other then the supposed pay difference, Tall people earn more according to one study, although I’ve yet to see it. I’m just happy to walk with long legged efficiency.  

My flatmate is 5ft 6”, He is always noting the short celebrities and pointing out how dorky the tall ones look (and tall celebrities are rarer because of framing)…he goes on about medical ailments that tall-people are apparently more susceptible to (through his observations). Like tall people get back-pain, have circulatory problems and what else…I’m trying to remember…ah, one was that tall people are more susceptible to accidents. Some of these things seem intuitively right, but I’m not going to concern myself with my height, after all I cannot change it.

I’ve been called tall, so I will say I am tall.

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it felt like i was reading something i would have written. I too slouch because i feel i'm awkwardly tall...i do have back issues ....i'm also broad structured. I sometimes find it hard to find shoes and shirts that fit me. If i was born in Russia i would have looked pretty normal. <br />
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Looks like your flatmate is insecure about his height lol.

im 13 and 6'5 and my bones and back ache all the time and i slouch over

My fiance is 6ft, I love his height. I think it's the perfect height. He thinks so too. The only time he has problems, it's been finding pants for him. However I have the opposite problem.. all pants are too long for me, even girl teen pants. <br />
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I have to find petite length... and here's the funny thing I'm the average female height world wide. I'm at the tallest end of petite, 5ft4 exactly. Most women are my height and I can't find freaking pants. It's not right that clothes are made for the non-average.<br />
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It just seems everything is made for people 5ft8-10, yet 5 ft 8 is considered to be a short guy and a tallish woman.<br />
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I wish I could navigate through crowds... no one sees me, I get stomped on and banged into walls and shelves.

I agree, they are stupid. I think its more of a running rivalry. I have found, almost as a rule, that short men are very aggressive... but hey, thats almost as bad as racial profiling. <br />
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I don't get the context of the previous comment... I geuss I should congratulate you for your tall girls and give them kudos for not slouching like I gradually began to (fixed that tho).

The talks about "who is better", are so STUPID !<br />
Every single person is different from every other in not one, but hundreds of different aspects. <br />
So, grow up to liking yourself AND the others ! <br />
I myself just adore a girl much taller than me. (I am male, 5'6, but adore female friends of 6' and over. And NO, then, don't bow down to me. That is useless. You really are there, a nice person, without you bending down... for what reason!?? Fables? :) :)

The small are the sneaky... the tall are the clumsy. <br />
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Don't be silly Celainn, you’re my equal in the mental realm...like we are as mental as each other ;)

Tis true. Apparently we earn more... although certainly not in the industry I'm in.

I used to be self-conscious of my height when I was a kid (I wasn't super tall, but was always one of the tallest in the class), and I think I would definitely have better posture if that hadn't been the case. I hate sticking out, so I don't sit up straight if it'll make me obviously higher than other people in the room (and everyone else seems to slouch too, so tall or not, I'd still stick out if I sat up straight)

I am 6ft.<br />
Yeah I'm not fazed by Heightism, most shorties have a bark that makes up for the littleness.

How tall are you then? I believe I am 184 cm myself and I like it. Don't listen to your friend, he's just envious!