Sometimes I feel cramped because cars, airplanes, trains, chairs, desks, tables, and pretty much any other place you might sit or stand was designed for people of average height. I don't expect the world to get 20% larger, but it sure is a pain in my back, neck, and knees sometimes.
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I know how u feel deleted...I am 6 foot 3. It is just so much harder to 'fit' in.

Yeah i know how you feel, in my food tech classes the counters are way too short. they are so short that i almost fainted from looking down so much. also i almost had my knee caps brocken by someone on a plane. my knees were up against his chair and he asked my to move them but i was in the middle of two fat people so i couldn't move. then to try and make me move, because he was a idiot and didn't believe that i was taller than him, he moved his chair back and it twisted my knee so badly that i had to get an air hostess to help me off the plane. the guy was soooo embarrased but, being the a****** that he was, he just left. P.S I'm 5'11" nearly 6'.

hell yes. Ever sat on a 10 hour flight and your knees were pushing into the front seat the whole time?<br />
sometimes you cant get a break in seat selection and you need to take a chance that you will need to amputate your legs at the end of the flight.

I am totally with you! Have you ever tried to fit in a double-decker? Well... never choose the upper deck! lol

I'm 5'11" tallest girl in school , with the exception of high school, loved it then love it now, plus the air is cleaner up here....

The world is the same way for short people. I am about 3 inches too short for average counter heights, so cooking take a toll on my shoulders. But I can fit in a car :-)