Still Waiting to Like It

All my life I have been tall (6ft 2in) and all my life I have heard "You'll love being tall when you're older."  Really?  At 27 it still sucks.  Clothes don't fit right.  Airplanes are cramped.  Tables aren't high enough to cross my legs under it.  People are constantly asking me how tall I am or if I play basketball.  Do you think I every go up to a short man and say "I bet you are a great horse jockey." Anyway, the bottle line is, I hate all of the attention that comes with being tall and wish I could blend in more instead of sticking out.   
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my GF is 6'4", im 6'6". if anyone asks us how's the weather up there, she will spit on their heads, and say "its raining", or i will say " partly cloudy with a chance of stupid"

Ask model and beach volleyball pla<x>yer Gabriella Reece if being 6'3 really sucks that bad. ;o) As with most aspects in life, it is what you make of it and if you make it miserable, then I guess it does bite. Perhaps one day you'll come to grips with being tall. Personally, I'll take that over the multitude of other "problems" I could have. But that's just me. :o)

Hi, I really relate to your story. People need to validate the way you feel instead of the way they think you 'should' feel. Being tall really bites as far as I'm concerned too. I'm 37 now, and about 6'3. <br />
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I hope you won't mind if I share my two cents.... I'll grant you that 6'2" is tall for a woman. I'm 5'9" and back in the 80's when I was in middle and high school (I'm 38 now), it was hard to find clothes that fit. It's easier now, at least in pant lengths, but finding long sleeved shirts can still be challenging, so I know at your height, it is hard. There ARE stores, however, that do cater to tall women and you can find places online as well.<br />
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I will admit to being guilty of saying with regards to my daughter's potential height that while I'm sure she's going to be tall (She's 4'10 at age 8 and in a size 7 women's shoe), I hope she doesn't get any taller than 6'0" because I know how hard it can be to be a very tall woman, though I'd never say that aloud to her.<br />
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That said, if she DOES end up taller than 6'0" I hope that along the way I can do everything I can to help her embrace her height and be comfortable in her body. I mean seriously, if being 6'2" is the worst thing you've got going on in your life, you're pretty darn lucky, I think. :o)<br />
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The fact of the matter is you're tall. You can't hide it, slouching only makes it more noticeable, because then you're just a really tall person with sucky posture, lol. It's OK to be tall. Even though I'm not as tall as you, I'm still considered tall at 5'9". I'm not a willowy beautiful 5'9 either. I'm solidly built, with shoulders a linebacker would dream of having and I'm average looking at best. Certainly not beautiful but I don't scare small children either. ;o) I have no qualms about wearing high heels or platform shoes. I have one pair that puts me on eye level with my 6'3" husband. By no means am I an attention-seeker. I don't like the spotlight at all, but when it comes to my height, I could care less if everyone sees me. I can assure you that the majority of short(er) people would like to be taller. Embrace your height, be proud of it. You can't change it. :o)<br />
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Take care and best of luck to you!

good points!

Thanks for the encouragement!

hahaha!<br />
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I think that line about the jockey is fantastic! With the right timing and to the right person, that could be the start of a lot of fun :)<br />
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You're might not looking for thoughts on the matter of your height, but I thought I'd just drop in a quick note (I'm obnoxious like that ;)). As you know, when people first see someone, most of us rely on non-verbal cues from the other person. Obviously you're uncomfortable with your height, then others will be too, and you'll feel like you stick out, rather than just being someone in the crowd. <br />
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And the best way and fastest way to defuse that is to turn your height into a *social* asset. Namely by you being the one to make the Too Tall jokes, in a way that makes people laugh and disarms them (but in a way that doesn't put you down). <br />
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I'm guessing, though, that you already knew most of that. But thought I'd mention it just in case... :)

I'm tall also 6ft and loved being tall, yes cloths don't fit really well, I never liked shopping for that reason, always told my husband he was a lucky man... I have always been proud of my height,ignore the stupid comments, tell them the air is cleaner up there. My husband was 5ft7in, who care, oh, and as you get older you will shorten slightly, I'm 5ft 11in now, I did however worry about my husbands loss of hieght...LOL