I Think So....

5'5" is tall, right? I'm taller than most people around here, anyway.... without shoes...
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4 Responses Jul 29, 2007

"get over it"? really? I'm not bragging or anything. Let's not be juvenile. It sounds to me that you are insecure with your height at your age, otherwise you wouldn't get so defensive over something as small as a stranger feeling tall at only 5'5" 4 years ago.. Being tall is not a bad thing at all. Height is unimportant. Heart is what matters in a person. And we show our heart in the way we speak, including through text such as this. Take this as you please, on how you want to view mine. But I hope you can feel better about your height in the future. All the best, Poetic.

Guess I'm not as tall as I thought I was!

Honestly, for a girl? No 5'5" isn't tall!

lucky!<br />
I'm so short! but I guess thats a great excuse in gym class because I stink at b-ball.