I'm Starting to Love It

Up until high school I felt really awkward about being taller than all the boys- it made me feel ugly. But as I got older it became sort of like my trademark- something that made me unique. Yes, I do have to duck my head a lot (and if I hear one more "you're the first to know it's raining" joke I might scream). But you know what? There are tons of beautiful models out there who are all tall with huge feet- it's not something to be embarrassed about. So be proud, fellow 6 footers- guys find it really attractive and if you're like me- you're always put in the middle of a group photo b/c it's visually pleasing.

dukecat23 dukecat23
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 4, 2007

believe it from a bloke of over 6'.... I love girls to be about my height.... <br />
<br />
according to some big might be beautiful; according to me tall is simply gorgeous