I'm 5'9"

I know I'm not freakishly tall, but I do tower over all of my girlfriends. I usually have to lean or angle myself into pictures

and I've found that a lot of guys seem to be intimidated by tall girls...

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Awesome pic and story, your tallness!

6'3" here, so no problem.

long legs ;)

I'm the same height as you. =)

You are SO rare. It is the comments of the green short one's that poses a negative. Wish all girls were 5.9.

I LOVE tall ladies.

love long legs... they tone speciually well with volleyball don't you agree?<br />
<br />
I am 6'4" and would love you to wear high heels when we go out... used to date an impresive beautiful girl of 5' 10" which was not normal at all where I used to live... I took her to dance to a very nice club were we knew alot of people, she was wearing red, and had the longest legs and high heels, looked amazing and alot of the guys form school were trying to hit on her while I was at the restrooms... lol it was great fun... since we got there all the eyes were on us...<br />
<br />
she was incredibly sexy also<br />
<br />
Kisses<br />

mmnnnn bet you look stunning in a pair of stillettos

My wife is 5'9" also. She never wore heels higher that 2 inches. I am not quite 6' tall. It worked for us just fine.

I'm 5'9 too, when i was younger people use to call me daddy long legs after the spider.

Your legs are just right. They go clear from your *** to the ground. You are not too tall and you are not too short. You are just right, my lovely friend.

I'm 5'11" and I was the tallest girl in school, I loved every minute of it. Both my husbands were shorter than I. It never made any difference. My hubby use to know he had pissed me off when I put the coffee on the top shelf...; 0

I've dated shorter or my height. I've always wondered what it would be like to date a taller person. If it's not an issue for the other person, I'm open to the experience. <br />
<br />
(The George Costanza fantasy may be going to far, though.)

Me too! :D

It's great being tall. I'm 5'9" too. I love to wear a pair of boots with at least a 2 1/2 inch heel. It feels great to tower over those tiny little women. (Good things can come in tall packages) When I was growing up I was insecure about being tall but not anymore I love being tall and I love having long legs!!

Lying down I'm great in 69 ;)

Most girls are the same height lying down, now ?

i'm 5'8" tall, so you don't seem tall to me.

lol, you're welcome :P

I never could lay off the tall ones....!!!!

I'm about 5"10/11 and I tend to tower over my girlfriends too, and yes, guys do seem weirdly intimidated by tall girls, buuut they're not usually the kinda guys I care about the opinions of haha.

Surprised you find guys intimidated by tall girls, i love them

I'm around the same height somewhere between 5'9" and 5'10". Yeah some guys do seem to be intimidated by height. Being a tall girl can be annoying sometimes.

No, you're not freakishly tall, but I still feel like a midget when I stand near you...especially when you wear heels...

5'9" I wouldn't consider that tall much...maybe with 4-inch stilettos or something...<br />
...btw I can't promise I wouldn't be intimidated by a tall chick, but I'd also find it hella exotic

No ReformedAutomaton, you probably wouldn't ;)<br />
<br />
And I never said it was a problem isinlarsa... Long legs are great for wrapping around things ;P

So, you have long legs. That's a problem?

Well I'm 6'4" so I wouldn't be intimidated :)