I'm 6'9"

  Most of the time I don't like being tall. Being 6'9" is a magnet for dumbasses. People always ask me if I play basketball. You know what...if I was a huge fat person would they ask me if I was a sumo wrestler? No. If I was only 5 ft. tall would they ask me if I was a jockey? Probably not. My favorite is when people just stare up at me and say, "Man! You're tall!". Really, do you know how stupid that sounds? You don't walk up to overweight people and say, "Wow, your frickin' fat". Being tall for me has been more of a hindrance for me than an advantage. Finding clothes and shoes that fit me are almost impossible. Shopping for clothes is depressing. Ever stand in line for a rollercoaster for 2 hrs. only to realize that your legs don't fit in the car? I have. Then walking away and hearing everyone whisper, " Whoa, he's too damn tall to fit".

  Another thing. If I'm in a club and there's some guy in there trying to prove he's "Billy Badass"  9 times out of 10 he's gonna start crap with me....fun. It makes me mad when people make the comment, "I wish I was as tall as you". People don't realize the problems that come with being tall. The potential health problems associated. Such as Marfan's Syndrome, Ehler's Danlose Syndrome, Mitral Valve Prolapse, weak joints, dilated aorta. I may be able to change a lightbulb without a stool but I may also die prematurely. Being too tall is like being overweight. It gives you a predisposition for a plethera of health concerns.

  Some people like the attention. I like talking to people, I just don't want my height to dominate the conversation. I think it's rude. And I like to think most people my height think the same way. It just gets old hearing the same comments over and over and over............ok.....I think I'm done ranting...

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Hey man - great article. I have just started a website at www.iamtall.co.uk - if you'd like to write something there please get in touch.

Im 6-9 as well. next time someone asks" hows the weather up there" just spit on there head and tell them its raining!

just kiding

I usually just say 5" 21" and watch them try to fiqure it out.
Out of 100millon men in the usa your one of 3500 or more. kind of special when you think of it. Shoes are the biggest problem unless you like high top basketball shoes. i wear an 18 eee. when i was younger i hated going to bars because of guys wanting to fight. if i whooped there *** i looked bad and if they whooped mine i looked worse! i was pretty thin back then but since i hit 320lbs they leave me alone. i am worried about the health risks with my height and weight and i can only work on fixing one of those. enjoy what God gave you and live the best you can.

Hey up! I'm big too, 6'9". It freaks me out to see my reflection in a shop window as i walk along a busy street with all these dwarves around me. When people ask do i play basketball i respond with "no, mini-golf" some people get that its a joke others take me seriously, like all tall people should be on the NBA. I wear a size 17 shoe (eu 50) i shop once every three to four years for jeans and shirts because they cost so much, i spend about 600 euro on clothing and then spend the rest of my time saving again for the next round. I don't drive because cars are too small, my bed is extra long, i hit my head all the time and have an inferiority complex because i was bullied as a kid. I've also got an alcohol problem related to my bullying. So being tall has its plusses and negs.

Hey man - I've just started a website about being tall, I can relate to a lot of those problems. It's at www.iamtall.co.uk - drop me an email on there if you want to write about your problems on my site.

I get where you're coming from, I'm 6'1 and a female, (and I know I'm still kind of small compared to you, but for a girl that's OVERLY tall by a long shot) and I also get where you're coming from with the, "do you do any sports?" "How tall ARE you?!" Or "wow! You're really tall." Like yeah, I noticed. So yeah... Just know I feel your pain.

Stop whining, dude. I'm 6,9 and i got no problems with it, actrually i'm quite proud of it. Of course not everything is easy but if being taller than the people among you is your biggest issue you could be the happiest person in the world. Girls might care about height, but i think they care even more about confidence. Don't walk like a circus animal trying to hide. No girl will be attracted to a scared boy, they want someone to protect them. But if you'd walk like a king (don't overdo it :p) Girls is like: whoa, awesome!

That is they right way to deal with being tall - stand straight and be proud of it. Your height will probably never change, so accept it and make the best of it!

Wow, some people are jealous. I've seen a guy at my college that was the same height as you. Besides, girls love tall guys. I'm one of them. :-)<br />
5'9" girl

Oh! That must be really annoying sometimes. However, don't underestimate yourself, I am sure that many people love you for what you are, not for your size.

OOOH I feel ya brother I'm 13 yrs old and I am 6'9 and my dad is almost 7'

ha i'm 6'9 also, I love it, the comments really don't bother me anymore. it's just second nature by now so it isn't a big deal. you get lots of attention and **** ya i play basketball, football, wrestle, take advantage of what you got, I damn well guarentee someone else would die to have a piece of our height.

Quit being a NANCY BOY! I'm 6'9'' and I enjoy it. Sure people say that stuff but you must remember, they do not see that everyday. I bet your a skinny guy that's socially challenged. That means your not hitting it with the ladies. Chicks dig the tall drink of water. <br />
Just stay at home in your room and let the other big guys enjoy life!

wow-- I have friends your height and they love it!!-- they say it helps them get girls!!!-- if asked about b ball-- say ya,your retired!!!!

I'm 6'8 and one of the most common things is kids slowly looking at you and when they finally get to your eyes they just fall over. It happens all the time but, the down side is when you smile and try to help them bacj up they are scared because of your size.

Oh do I ever feel your pain. I'm 6'7" myself and I've had a lot of dumbass comments thrown my way. I get the basketball one all the time. I also get the stupid "how's the weather up there?!!?" a-holes too. I'm also a big hefty guy so I also get the football comment - they can't understand why I don't play it (or basketball). "YOU'D BE SO GOOOOOOD AT IT!!!" is what they always say.<br />
<br />
A lot of people don't mean any harm by it, they're just being "friendly" but they don't realize that you've heard these comments about 10,000 times already. I hate it.<br />
<br />
I also hate the "nudge and point" people - when you get a couple of people together and one notices you and you see their eyes get big. They then poke a pal who then "casually" looks up and then they both stare at you.

I understand most of your comments, but I think I'm kind of lucky in that I'm just under that 'fking tall' range at 6'7". Funny enough, I do lots of things that kind of humiliate myself but I've learned to take a "I don't care" status, and it's worked pretty well. :)<br />
(For example... I drive a Miata)

I had a t-shirt once with this quote "No I don't play basketball. Do you play miniature golf?" That usually stopped the comments and it was pretty funny to see people's reactions!

i've seen it somewhere but i forgot! hahha love it!

Where can I get one of those? :D

Not that I'm trying to dumb down the issues you have with your height but my height presents as much of a problem, without the health problems. I'm rather short. Most of the people I know are well over 6 feet tall. I always feel like a dog scampering after its owner. lol Even my boyfriend is 6'5''. It is really hard to match stride when you have extremely short legs. Don't know if that helps but know that you're not alone in your height dilemma, even if my view is from an opposing stance. :)