I Am 5' 8''

For my age, being this tall... well its not exactly normal. All my friends are about a head shorter than me, so In pictures I normally kneel down, to make it easier (if I let them take pictures that is).

I know its not freakishly tall, but sometimes it feels that way. As a little girl, my mum was always asked, "Aww- how old is she?" and my mum would reply, "3."

This was replied with a number of questions about the exact date I was born, since everyone thought I was 5 not 3. I have always been the tallest in my year. Thankfully Im slowing down when I grow- so I might just stay this height. My Dad is 6' something'' and he keeps talking to my mum about how in 8 years I might be taller than even HIM! 

Most of the time, I don't mind being tall. But sometimes I get really annoyed when the teachers ask for a tall person to switch the projector on, since everyone looks at me. I normally just duck down, as I don't like attention being drawn to myself- I'd much rather just sit back and watch the confident people take over.

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I came back across this story and I just wanted to update that my daughter who is now 10.5 has grown to almost 5'5" and a 10.5/11 shoe. Her bff is the same height as my 7 yr. old, lol (4'7"). Still say be proud of your height. :o)

No more slouching for you! :o) Be proud of your height. You aren't going to grow shorter. And slouching doesn't work. You just look like a tall person with bad posture. I was 5'9 by the time I was 13 and there I have remained. I'll be 40 this year. Trust me, many people wish they were tall like you. Don't let it stop you from wearing heels or platforms either. If people do say anything bad about your height, it's just because they are jealous and want to be tall like you.<br />
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My daughter, who turned 10 today, is also tall. She's 5'2" and finishing up 4th grade. She also wears the same size shoe as me, a 9.5/10. I know it can be hard at that age to be so tall and even into middle school and high school but there are so many worse things than being tall.<br />
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Just embrace who you are and how you're made. Oh, the boys will catch up eventually, too. ;o)

Umm yeah, Im in Secondary School... thankfully 2 of my friends are growing faster than me and one of them is the same height as me and the other is slightly shorter- so I dont look like a total weirdo. <br />
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Its really annoying to hear people talking about you, and they're always asking how im tall... but I mean, you cant MAKE yourself tall so i always ignore them.<br />
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Its a real pain :S x

How old are you btw? I assume you're in High School?<br />
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Well, when I hit grade 4 I was as tall as all the teachers and when I hit grade 5, I was the tallest one in school. When I got to grade 7, I was taller than all the seniors and all the teachers. <br />
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It was a hassle in a few ways - I heard comments about it all the time, people thought I thought I was "all that" because I was tall (not true), I was hassled on city buses for having a student pass (they all knew I was obviously an adult and therefore trying to pull a fast one) and I had my bus passes seized a few times.<br />
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Try not to slouch - ever. Be proud that you're tall and stand proud. That being said, I do understand your situation. It's not easy I know.<br />
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Believe me you're not the only one that's been through this. :(