Will Say With Age You Shrink..

  For I was 6' 3" when I was 18. Now at 41 I am 6' 2"..  Great to be tall have the upper reach....!!

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Mother your still beautiful....

Mother that is tall for I was that height. But we all shrink....

Josie that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. mmmmm

There's just something about a tall man. Mmmmm!

That's a perfect height...........Thanks ANEWME.

5'8" been that since 6th grade--still that--LOL!! In 6th grade--was gawky-uncoordinated--thank god grew into myself.

No that is for sure.........

At 5'3, I can't afford to lose any inches :)

Hi heels are good.. woohoo..

I can relate to the chores your speaking of.

Do I need to do it naked?<br />
<br />
I'll scrub that thing so often there won't be any paint left!

lol. can you blame her? there would be great rewards for cleaning the top of my fridge.

That has been suggested before, LOL!<br />
<br />
It started with My Mom, a 5' 1 3/4" terror!

a tall man would be so handy around the house. reach the high shelves and u could clean the tops of dirty refrigerators too, needit.

I was just short of 6'5" at 18. 6'4" now. A whole lifetime of seeing the dirty tops of refrigerators.

Really ? Your funny wm I love it !!!

Wow! You're exactly a foot taller than me. Lol