5'10" Woman

i love being tall! currenlty im 5'10" and 127lbs. my boyfriend is 6'4" and 200lbs. its so funny sometimes wen we hang out with our friends and they need something off the top shelf we jus go over and grab it all non chalantely. it bugs them crazy. i haven't always loved being tall tho. when i was younger i used to hate it because i could never find pants ( in my mothers price range) that would fit me properly. now that im older they have custom lengths as well as waist sizes that fit me. even if i have to pay for them. and don't forget the skirts. they dont even have to be super short to show off a mile's worth of my legs. lol

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im 5'10 but i dont like it that much, everytime i go somewhere everybody's looking up to me or they'll say wow you are tall. when i go to a party i dont feel comfortable dancing because everybody is shorter than me, i'm still in highschool

yaayyy i'm 5'10 tall girls rock lol :-)

5'7" here _--

long legs are nice

hey jus remember 5'5" is average height for women. everytime i think bout that it amazes me. woot! woot! lol

Woot! Yay for tall girls! I'm 5'7 and change, not as tall, but still proud to be a tall, leggy girl ;-)