I'm Tall :p

Im 6foot 9inches tall, when i wear heels (which i do alot) i actually tower over everyone. I love it. This is probs because i wasnt always that tall, i developed late. Therefore a lot people were taller than me, then at the age of 15 i started to grow taller. At 16 i was taller than all the girls and by about 17.5 i was taller than nearly all of boys in my school.

I also have find it extremely hard to find clothes, as only ones that fit are designed for fat people and no one on this planet would very call me fat if they saw me. This joint in with my extremely large boobs, means i have to suffer fat peoples clothes, personly try to alter them or look rather stupid in clothes that are not log enough and dont get over my boobs properly.

Apart from the clothing problem being tall rules!!!!!

BustyR BustyR
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Hey BustyR,<br />
Well i'm a guy and i stand 4'4" Barefoot and i can look up at Ur boobs because i'm too short to reach them and mabe i not up to Ur bellybutton but i probably fit in Ur hand huh lol

Hi, BustyR.<br />
I found a way to feel comfortable with all what I have got. These are slings. It consists of two parts. For the right breast it is like a cup with two slings, the right one goes up to the rigt shoulder, the left one goes under the left breast then till the left armpit and over my back to my left shoulder and comes back to the cup for the right breast. The same for the left breast but as in the mirror. I support your idea about slings I copied it from mothers bringing their kids on their body.

I usually tell people that my dream girl is 6' tall, brunette, and busty. Maybe I'm setting my sights too low on the height? <br />
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I'm "only" 6'5". ;)

I love your outlook on life.<br />
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Cloths are a problem, as are shower heads, chairs and table tops and people who do not understand tall. At 6'4" I do not have half the problems you must run into.<br />
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Shirts I can see not being long enough. By not "getting over the boobs" do you mean the shirt does not close in front? <br />
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Happy New Year - may 2011 not go by as fast as 2010. <br />
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urm boobs grew a little later lol

did your boobs start growing around the same time as you did? 30K on a 6' 9 body are gigantic compared to a shorter girl

Yes it does!