I Am Very Tall

I am real tall at 6' 6''. I rarelly see someone that is as tall as me or taller. People always makes remarks on my length when they meet me, not that I mind any more.

flyingwolf flyingwolf
26-30, M
4 Responses Apr 1, 2010

HAHAHA!~ I love it teddybear!! Thats clever!

I'm 6'6" tall too; I've gotten so I have fun with the stupid questions. Like "how tall are you"? Answer.. 5' 18" "Did or do you play basketball"? Answer... Are you a jocky? Some people catch on and some don't; they're both fun to watch.

Wow that's tall I believe.

In terms of height snap. Im also 6ft 6 but ive been told that im still growing as well :S