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When we first started dating, I always thought we were the same height, but I'm sure that he slouches while I stand tall, making the difference about an inch.  I love him so much though and although all my previous boyfriends have all been much taller (he's 5'7'') I love everything about him, even his height.  I do know that I try to make him seem taller in pictures, I'm usually on an angle or bending a knee or leaning against him.  I know that to some degree I'm not 100% happy that I can't wear 4 inch heels and dance comfortable with him.  I'm more upset that I'm expected to wear 4" heels than his height and his height has played some role in my shoe purchases, although I brought in the new year a good 6" taller than him, I still was so happy to be with him.  I'm not sure how much height means to me at this moment, but how much can it matter when someone is such an awesome person??

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3 Responses Feb 23, 2009

How tall are you?

iam 5.7 and half my wife 5.10'',after three years of marriage i like her height and now i have no problem when she wearing high heels,actually in high heels she looking more sexy

I love your story. I am a short guy and never have any sucess with dating. They all say i am too short (5 4") and even shorter women prefer taller guys. I thought my MD degree and having a sucessful practice would help me, but women just can't get past the height issue but i am so glad you are ok to be with a shorter man. Gives me hope.LOL