I Am Taller Than My Hubby...

I am right at 6'0 tall while my husband is about 5'9/5'10.  We are perfectly fine with this and it doesn't both either one of us.  However, I don't wear my high heels any more and I used to love them!! However, I don't want to make myself any more taller!  When we were married I had to wear flats because I didn't want to have to bend down to kiss him...LOL

My whole family is tall and big so it doesn't bother me.  Sometimes, when I go shopping for clothes I get mad because I can't find anything long enough.  But my hubby says longer legs more to kiss!

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i am an asian-guy with 180 cm. tall and i don't mine that my gf is taller than me. now we have baby girl and living happily together, my only problem is when we have wedding,her dress will be expensive

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i am 20 yrs old MAN and 150 cm !!! .. i can't reach stuffs on the shelves ,and the swimming is really hard cuz' my feet cant reach the ground and the water covers me completely !EMBARRASSING when a girl stand next to me LOOOOL , my sister who is 15 yrs old and 179 cm is taller than me ..sometimes i find it hard to drive a car while my sister can drive it easily cuz' of her sxy legs ..my top of my head reaches her chest !!! she beats me in everything like swimming , basketball , getting stuffs on the shelves, riding a bicycle and sometimes when we go to a restaurant i can't reach the ordering windows while she can . VERY EMBARRASSING. she looks at me like i am 8 yrs old kid . i think i will be like a small child to her soon !!

Absolutely lovely.... I am also taller than my hubby and looks , also stopped wearing the high heels for a while until he told me that I should wear it as my height does not bother him.... I must admit it would (for me) sometimes be great to have a higher shoulder to cry on...

I agree and I am taller too!

Kudos to you and congrats ! all the best xo

LOL!!!!! GUYS PLEASE!!!!! I'M 6 FOOT WITHOUT HEELS AND MY HUSBAND IS 3'6"!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY??????!!!!!!!!! BE PROUD OF IT!!! I LOVE IT!!!! We just got married on the 3rd and I dropped down on my knees when the preacher asked him to "kiss the bride"!!!! It was freaking awesome!!!! Imagine the looks WE get when we're out in public!!!!!! I am absolutely his amazon woman and we both eat it up! He is the love of my life. If anyone has an issue with it, that's their own insecurities showing, not ours....we are happier than ever!! God Bless!!!

wow ! im 6'5" and i love tall women. Wear your heel, be tall and be proud ! xo

i am short

i am short

i am short

i am 6'0 my husband is 5'6. our to daughtrs are 5'10 and 5'11. I do wear 4" heels on ocassions (he likes me to) he doesnt have a problem being shorter than the three of us. Our son is older than the girls, but only 5'8 and he does have a problem, especially if the girls wear heels. <br />
Sill not much we can do about it

to read these stories i feel relax and comfortable because i m also taller than my feoncy<br />
and i was confused that i m taller than my feoncy<br />
now i feel very relaxed

how cute. i love all of these stories. i love my short boyfriend, i'm gonna marry him 1 day, he's 5'7 and i'm 5'5'' ..in heels im a lot taller, but who cares! i love him soOoo much

Hello,<br />
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I am 5'6 3/4 and my hubby is 5'1". As will most couples, we have got funny looks, and teased. But hey what can you do. My husband has a hard time finding clothes. Not only is he short, he has particularly small feet. We have gone into stores and the clerk will breifly look up and say...hello ladies!! Just shows you that people assume if you are shorter then you cant be a man. We have kids a boy and a girl. Our son is already bigger then when my hubby was his age. Hopefully my height will help his side of the family. Pat. GMa was 4"10.

Is he small elsewhere?

Hello Beaglewoman, I am a 5'3 husband and my wife is 5'8 and we love it. Yes people stare but who cares. My wife does wear heels on many occasions and we are both OK with it. I have a love hate relationship with her height, society doesn't respect a husband who is being towered over by his wife, which of course makes a bit insecure, but I love her height.

Yep, have the same problem-ish. I'm 5'11" and a bit but my husband swears that he's 6'1" only half the time I'm taller!! I love to wear my heels but that seeems to have fallen away. Also having a little one to carry and hold hands with makes the heels seem a little silly but I still wear them when I go out with the girls!!

Gotta share...I am 6'2" and my hubby 5'4". Wow! We get a kick out of going to the store. All the funny looks. We say one day we'll wear matching shirts with big stop signs on the front and they will broadcast...STOP STARING... I know she's tall and mine I know he's short. They all look at us like we don't know. 3 kids and 12 yrs down the road...must be doing something right!!

LOVELY story !!!! LOVELY couple !!!!

My lady. You sound perfect :)

LOL! My hubby is now the "runt" of my side of the family! My mom is glad because at 5'9 she was picked on as being little. Now my hubby is the little guy! He's family is all short! He said if we ever have children he wants them to be tall because it seems like each generation of his family keeps getting shorter and shorter; pretty soon they'll be stepped on!

I'm taller than mine also---it's a big joke-claims he married me for my height-to have tall kids-it worked---