If I am a Taoist, than everybody is a Taoist. To say "I am a Taoist" (i.e. one who moves in accordance with Tao) implies that it's opposite is possible. It is not possible to violate Tao. Therefore everyone is "Taoist". I would rather simply not say that I am Taoist, instead of calling everyone names.
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You are wrong I think, lao tsu frequently gives examples of human behaviour that is contrary to the way of the tao. Unlike animals, which always behave according to their nature and live naturally in harmony with the tao, mankind has a choice between right and wrong and lao tsu is certainly not suggesting that, 'you pays your money and you takes your choice,' between the two. That sounds more like George Lucas and the Force. Lao Tsu's dualism is not moral relativism and accepting the reality and inevitability of evil is not at all the same as saying that it is in harmony with the tao, it is not.

bad?everything is as it should be u must belive in the tao,u choose your path as there are 2 posibilities ,positive or negitive as we have both in all of us

it is all too possible to live in conflict with the tao and not be a taoist, the tao te ching is full of examples. This does not affect the tao, but it can be very bad for the rest of us