It Is Not Easy

I think it has always been hard to be a taoist. Perhaps it is even harder today, when our comforts allow us to cheat pain for long periods in our longer lives. What Lao tsu says is hard to understand. Fear of misfortune is natural, how can we learn to welcome it? We look at the world and see that the natural order is based on the mega death of innocents (how many tadpoles die for every frog that lives to breed? how many human children have died b4 the age of five?) how can this be good? One of the things Lao Tsu trys to teach is grace in the face of death and this is what makes his teaching fundamentally opposed to that of the religions of the near east. If there is a heaven to go to after death, then there is no grace in death. Heaven allows us to hide from the terrible fact of death. Heaven is ignorance in the sense of ignoring death. If we ignore death, we will not love life enough to do what we must with it. I think it is very frightening to be a taoist, but the laughter of the water in the stream mocks my fear.

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i totaly agree ,there is no confort what so ever,thats where the lessons comfrom and its the acceptance that is always was and alway will be the reality as its the way.i dont belive lao was describing a way of balincing life hardships and maintaining a peacful excitance threw walking the middle road.he was mealy explaining the paters that he saw there for he sugests that going with the tao will make life less unconfortibale in a way....but its still going to be life and we will still be affected by the laws of nature.its about excepting the reality of it by no means do i imply to have a complete understanding the mystries of life, ha ha no i dont and never will.but i am a realist so im not looking for enlightenment ,heaven or what ever u want to call it

Life may become easy as you shed desire and move closer to the tao, and it may be 'easy' in the sense of natural, or fitting to be a sage, but that is an event horizon I personally have yet to cross. And it is hard to get there. Many of Lao Tsu's lessons are counter intuitive and his meanings obscure, they are hard to understand. To deny the difficulty, both in the study of life and the study of the Tao Te Ching is to cultivate a false sense that one has understood life's mysteries. Having said that, I do not want to suggest that there is no comfort to be gained in the study of the tao, it has peace to offer at many levels of understanding.

u should never fear pain as we lern our greatest lessons from it thats what it means to embrace it as it is an oppitunity deppending on weather you are poitive or negitve is your mind and your heart that deside which energy u will be