It's An Addiction

I got my first piercing at a fairly young age, about ten or so, and it was a tonguestud. From there the number and diversity of body art multiplied. Next to come was an earring at thirteen, followed by an eyebrow ring. At fourteen or fifteen I got my bottom lip piercedand that eventually turned into snake bites. In between the eyebrow and lip came my first three tattoos. I got one on each wrist and one on the back of my neck. The most recent additions to my collection include more earrings, a nosering, nipple rings, and another tattoo.
All in all, that leaves me with my left eyebrow and nostril, snakebites, size eight ear gauges, an extra earring above the gauge in my left ear, two cartilidge piercings per ear, nipple rings, a Flamel on my right wrist, an oroborous on my left, an anarchy symbol on the back of my neck, and a very personal design on my left hip. Oh, and so many more to come...
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dont hold back or try to repress your urges theyre healthy & wonderful