Pierced And Tattooed Mom =)

I started getting pierced when I was about 11, starting with my ears. I've had about 17 piercings in my ears throughout the years. I was in the process of gauging my ears when I got a job that wouldn't allow it (f*** the man!) so I had to quit. I currently have a rook piercing, 4 cartilage piercings and 3 lobe piercings. I'm intent on getting another rook and 2 tragus piercings soon.I've also had my nipples pierced.....twice. As if it didn't hurt bad enough the first time, I had to go and get them done again! By far my FAVORITE piercing EVER!!! I would suggest anyone thinking about doing this to go ahead and do it! They heal super fast and you will be extremely pleased with the results. Other than that I have my nose pierced....nothing crazy, just a little stud. I currently have 4 tattoos, one of which is in the process of becoming a full calf piece. I also have a heart on my ring finger, a big butterfly on my foot and sparrows on my shoulder blade. I've designed a half sleeve that I will be getting after baby number 2 is born. Can't wait! So, more power to all of us who like to express ourselves through, what I consider, art! When people ask you what are you going to do with all those tattoos when you're old? tell them you're going to be f***ing fabulous!!!!
ckrystalo ckrystalo
26-30, F
May 15, 2012