Hmmm..i Want More...

well sofar..i have my ears...eyebrow..nose. belly button and nipples peirced...  was thinking of getting my "girl part" done as well but dont know anyone that has already had it done..and am a little leery about pain..after pain..and complications from it... anyone here with advice on that one..would be appreciated!!!

and i have a tattoo on the side of my neck.and top of my well as a tattoo that goes across my lower back and part of my hips...they are dainty. and feminine ones.. planning for at least one more..but still in the designing part of it :)

luvlylulu luvlylulu
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1 Response Mar 17, 2010

I got my 'hood' pierced, not sure if actually piercing the **** would be a good idea.<br />
I heard horror stories about what happens if you pierce the ****.<br />
One story in particular was some woman got hers pierced and sometime down the line she woke up one morning with her **** laying next top her because it fell off from being constantly over stimulated. lol<br />
Anyway..the hood is above the **** so the ball of the ring or barbell lays on top of the ****.<br />
As far as the actual piercing goes, it hurts pretty bad for like 3 seconds then not at all after that.<br />
It healed faster than any other piercing I have had and gave me no problems at all.<br />
If you are having a baby it will have to come out and it closes up faster than any other piercing.