All Tatted Up!

Well I have 19 piercings, 8 of which are body, and 6 tattoos. I have my tragus, daith, nose, tongue, belly, nipples, and hood. The rest are in my ears but I hardly ever wear those. My tattoos are a cross on my lower hip, a habiscus flower on the top of my left ribs, "only the strong survive" on my lower left hip, treble clef on my spine, "serenity" on my right lower hip and a dove above that. I'm thinking about getting one more tattoo, but everything has to be covered eup since I'm almost finished with my nursing degree. They're such fun secrets!

Runin4rmfate Runin4rmfate
26-30, F
2 Responses Mar 17, 2010

I have 35 tatts and 1 piercing, and they are covered too. It adds to the pleasure of having them that few people will see them. I describe it like buying and wearing nice underwear. You feel all mmmm. Mmmm when you know you have them , but they are not for everyone to see. Just you and maybe a lucky partner šŸ˜

I love to be mysterious.