Smart ***

I think I'm smart enough and I am a big fan of common sense!  However have I been classified as a genious?  NO!  My twin has, but to me he's a nut.  He has a wealth of knowledge under his belt, but doesn't use it.  He wants to be a famous R & B singer and I think he can do soo much more in this world along with singing.  But he says its his dream and nothing is gonna get in his way.  Well, to each their own.  As for me I think that I'm a genious because I ask so many questions to certain people to the point that I inspire them to think or yell, "LEAVE ME ALONE".  I learned where the west was by watching a Looney Tunes cartoon (Thanks Yosemite Sam), and I didn't realize how much fun the singer was making fun of blondes in the song, "Because I'm a Blonde", until years later.  So with the knowledge I have learned over the years, I know one day it will benefit me one day.  :) ;) ;) :)


lilyiam07 lilyiam07
31-35, F
Feb 25, 2010