I Am Being Stalked Telepathically

I am being telepathically stalked by someone that I met 5 years ago. I knew him for about a year. This is someone that I loved very much romantically. Because this person was 19 at the time and I was 26, I didn't think a sexual relationship would be appropriate between us. We just saw each other in church. I tried to support his spiritual walk. He was a drug addict placed under house arrest with his parents for drug possession. He recovered miraculously from his addiction soon after he started coming to church.

About 2 years ago, I started communicating with him telepathically in a very clear, direct way. I realised he was suffering financially and not happy with his girlfriend. At this point I regretted not having actively pursued a relationship with him when I had known him.

As soon as I started seeing him, I lost my normal energy levels. I started sleeping a lot. He is still stalking me, creating telepathic noise in my head that impairs concentration and keeps me from going to work. He also gives me nightmares when I feel a little worried. Also, I am unable to be alone these days because the noise goes sky high and makes me feel crazy and/or suicidal.

He seems to think leaving my home for the street with him when he was 19 would have been the Christian thing for me to have done (I was studying back then and he was a recovering drug addict). He had dropped out of school at 15. I had hoped he would go back to school but he never did. As soon as I left that city at the age of 27, he left his parents and did not leave them a contact address. Even now, he does not keep in touch with them, feeling betrayed by his dad for living with his stepmother after having divorced his mother when he was 4 years old.

I am both concerned for him as well as for my situation and don't know how to convince him to negotiate a good relationship with his dad and to pursue his own happiness more actively.

I see his stalking as a plea for help. BUT I also see that he is dangerously impairing my life in me not feeling ready to go to work or live alone at this point.
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All u need is Jesus when u feel u are under attack say the blood of Jesus until it stop....I belived in what u were going through and I found out there is no such thing as telepathy the devil has convinced you of a lie the Bible say no one knows the mind of the spirt but the spirt God is the only one who knows what u are thinking try no believing in this at all for started anything else is a spiritual attack the devil is trying to oppress you because He dosent want you to know who u are a person that caint think straight is lost butour Redeemer lives Jesus is all I need His name is abover every name God bless you al

I am experiencing an issue, there are a few individuals who are aware that I am a psychic telepathic medium. So psychokenisis is a prominate problem. Considering I am emotionally exhausted I am a little more susceptible to their active negativity.
They're trying to get me to ... random commands and control. Do.this do that... someone was hacking my stuff for information ... etc

So here is my issue... there are a few who keep telling me to kill myself etc... one that attacks me all day long... non stop, is there anyone who is in control of their ability on here who is capable of over channeling them until I feel better?

I have a person trying to and I'm feeling a little better. I would appreciate positive thoughts...

This is a dangerous experiment
Please. . :-(

How many comedians are on here?

In my opinion, there are gifts(not sure if that's the right word(?) that are powerful and can be used to help others. such as sensing if another person far away is in danger but if someone is using the gift of telepathy to mess with someone, spy on them or scare/intimidate/mess with them I don't see that as a gift I see that as pure evil. I feel the only way out is to command it to leave in Jesus name. His name alone (and He Himself) is power. He is All-powerful. even if it doesn't end right away it will. also you may have a soul tie with this person tormenting you. break it in Jesus name. nothing complex just pray "In Jesus name I break this soul tie with(their name) and command all the evil they brought into you life to leave in Jesus' name. Keep fighting using lots of prayer to Christ. Hope this helps. If someone is using telepathy to mess with another that is PURE EVIL. spiritual gifts are GIFTS. not weapons to torment another with. hope these posts help. command it to leave in Jesus name.

I think you should pray in Jesus name, command this to stop multiple times aloud. In His word He says He is all powerful and nothing is impossible for Him. He says greater is He that is in you(Jesus in your heart) than is he that is in the world(the devil) pray silently asking God to stop this. this the only way. you are not crazy. it is real and I think it can be very evil. pray to Christ. no other way will stop this. so sorry this is happening to you. I will pray for you too!! stay in a good church too.

you're lucky you're a church going person. many churches would like to know about these things - you know there are many in church esp. pastors who know its part of religion to deal with issues like telepathy. some would call it spirits, etc.

now the only other advise would be to treat your self symptomatically. for example if you have low energy, don't just give into it all the time, take a walk, have a coffee or tea, try a regular exercise routine. regular healthy exercise will increase your energy levels as well as a healthy diet routine.

over sleeping is a sign of depression and other health issues, both mental and physical, so are some of the other things you're saying. so get to see a doctor and then think about a psychotherapist. they can help you learn how to deal with your issues! esp. the issues about you're concerned for that person. you can learn how to treat your self, your friends and special persons like that in a healthy and respectful way, that solves problems and makes people better.

and your church should specialize in coordinating people. a good church wants to have good spiritual people, not people who get messed up in tricky situations with each other. your pastors should be able and willing to straighten things out with you and anyone else you know of, esp. they be from religion!

ignore whats being said, ignore pangs especially. but always remember that they are there- to guard against being mislead. be gentle with yourself but disciplined- make lists to get things done, and move forward. don't allow negativity to grow (just assume its them/him)- just let it go. always give the people you care about the benefit of the doubt (so they/he can't isolate you from your friends). don't talk about it with people who wont understand- which is almost everyone! unfortunately.when things get complicated/strange remind yourself its their/his doing. don't get angry, or hate (even them/he). be cool......

I am sorry to you two who are suffering telepathically. I wish I could send you positive vibes. I know that some people may be mentally sick, but I also know telepathy is real...as real as telephone communication. I hope you all can find peace. People have no idea unless they're experiencing, and I am simply thankful I have found others who are going through similar things. Not that misery loves company, but it's hard not knowing people who can relate...when you know in your heart it's real and you wish to cope.

I believe in telepathy and I am being stalked as well. I'm not going to bother trying explain or proof it to anyone. Believe it or not that;s your decision. My story started out very similar where I met an exdrug addict who was 5 years younger than me and we fell in love. Weird things started happening to me and he l me believe that I needed psychiatric help. I saw a shrink and took meds for quite some time. It never got better it only got worse. II tried to talk about but no one believed me. And so I stopped talking about it. All of this happened over a span of time and I was unaware of what was truly going on. I'm a fairly healthy person and I started getting sick a lot. And it always happened when I was with my ex and his family. When I started to figure out that I had telepathy I fell deeper in love with him because we had a "bond" and it was all a ruse. He admitted to me. that it was all a lie and the only thing he wanted was my stuff. But by that time it was too late. I moved to another state and him and his family are still in my head. I try to ignore them because they're not worth my time and I am better than them. They made me think that I was losing it when they knew the whole time what was happening to me because they were the ones who were causing it. Too sum it up he ended up stealing from me And even though he took everything I had (pretty much and tried to take him to small claims court.... He has everything and he still won't leave me alone. It's getting harder and harder to ignore. <br />
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Help your friend if you want, but be real careful. Not everyone believes in God and have morals and a conscious. There are people who abuse others with their telepathy or just use their telepathy to manipulate things and they're not all good, And honestly, I;ve been praying for a long time and nothings helped. <br />
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Sometimes it's best to let someone walk their own path. And if he's an addict then scruples are probably non--existent.,t Tere's a lot more going on than most people realize than the standard two way communication like telephone. A lot more.

I think the fact that both of us felt peace at the same time means firstly that we relate well to each other and we are actually able to know how we feel about each other even when we are not physically together (not speaking or offering body language clues). In other words, it makes me believe that if someone starts to dislike you for some reason, you would sense it even across a distance. <br />
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Secondly, it isn't exactly imaginative if both people are in fact, tuning in at the same time. There is some force in action that is connecting them across distances. If both people are thinking of each other at the same time and they know without a doubt that the other one is consciously thinking of them at the same time, then they are both very telepathically conscious people.<br />
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I find the advantage with a telepathic connection is that people might reveal some truths in this way that they wouldn't dream talking about. Because telepathy has such a bad reputation with most psychiatrists terming it delusion or imagination, it isn't practical to discuss it in most contexts. I'm in a position where I have to discuss it so I can get support and help for my problem. If I weren't in this vulnerable position with the telepathic stalking, I wouldn't admit I was telepathic.<br />
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Unconsciously everyone is sending each other thoughts all the time, even non-telepathic people. Their thoughts are being heard unconsciously. That's what I believe.

So, with that coincidence, you didn't even have correlation as to who spoke to who. Interesting, but no different than thinking about someone at the same time they're thinking about you. I've had conversations in my head with other people, and I'm sure they've had conversations in their head with me...this is normal, imaginative thought. If such "conversations" give you peace, even better.<br />
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Now, if you had been thinking about zebras on ice skates, and HE had been thinking about zebras on ice skates, I'd at least be intrigued.

With one of my friends from church, I felt once that he talked to me for about an hour telepathically, ministering to me to help me work towards my future. As soon as I felt the ministering had come to an end, he called me and said he had been walking around the mall and I had been speaking to him. I asked him what I had said. <br />
<br />
I told him that in my telepathic experience, it had been only him speaking, I hadn't said anything. He said that in his experience, he hadn't said anything. It was only me speaking into his ear. He said he didn't know what exactly I said but it had given him a sense of peace like the Holy Spirit had been with him.

I didn't say seek help for your belief in telepathy....I said seek help for your suicidal/crazy thoughts.<br />
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BTW...ever actually PROVE that your telepathic skills actually work, or does it just feel like they work?

Well, then, that ain't me. Best of luck. I tried.

I personally believe in telepathy and I believe in talking about it. The conventional belief that this belief calls for psychiatric help doesn't bother me. I'm interested in talking to fellow telepaths and other interested people who would like to talk about it. Anyone who can offer genuine support in talking about it would be greatly appreciated.

With all due compassion, if you hear voices or noises in your head, and they are making you feel crazy and suicidal, you need to seek psychiatric help.<br />
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I see your posting this story as *your* plea for help. Please, get help.